Seeking Artists and Doodlers to review ColorTilt

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    On the approaching one year anniversary of the release of ColorTilt, our latest ColorTilt update has been approved. We did a complete UI overhaul and we would love to get some feedback from both artists and doodlers. If you would be willing to review ColorTilt, please send me a PM and I will send you a promo code. We have just 3 questions for you.

    Questions for Reviewers
    1. Are you an artist or a doodler (or a doodling artist)?
    2. Do you like the tilt-controlled color selection? Please explain.
    3. What do you like most and least about ColorTilt?

    Background on ColorTilt
    ColorTilt was one of the top 50 paid applications of 2008. It started out at $0.99 and is currently priced at $1.99. It has a unique color-selection method that involves tilting the phone. Some folks love this feature, and we get wonderful artwork
    from artists all over the world. For others, it is too challenging.

    About the Icon
    The icon took me an hour to draw. I held the phone almost flat at first and slowly rotated the phone while making downward strokes. I then continued rotating the phone and tilting it more and more. The end result gives you a hint of where all the colors are in the 'ColorTilt' space.

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