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    I am seeking a 2D Artist (preferably vector art so it can scale well) for my next upcoming iPhone game that is a sequal to the first part, iShadowStrike: The Beginning. You can view the promotional video here:
    and images here: (media is case sensitive) This project will have a very loose schedule /demand for the artwork (e.g. I won't want it done in 1 month .. this can be spread out over a few months: 4-6. This will help a bit with no huge super burden to rush and get things done which [should] will lower the price vs a strict 1-3 month time limit). I should also mention I have no interest in
    hourly rate artists ... I'm not in the building with you and thus I can't ensure you are working that full hour, sorry.

    I wish to keep the same art style or something VERY close to it.

    A quick introduction about the game (part2: iShadowStrike: The Chase) this will take place in a "jungle/amazon" themed world. The hero/heroess from part 1 follows the elusive Angelle (the last boss in part1) through a portal to another world to continue on their path to avenge their grandfather who was killed due to Angelle's destructive personality.

    As with the last post seeking an artist, I am an indie developer, my pockets are not deep (but a little deeper than before) so I'm expecting at least the same quality of part1 (that can be viewed above in the video+website link). And definitely am not interested in artwork that I can do myself, e.g. programmer art.

    The graphic details:

    • 15 levels - 640(height)x960(width) (trying to make the game "High Def" for iPhone4/iPod 4/ iPad)
    • 5 "menu screens" 640x960
    • 3 "levels" - that are 640x1920 (one is a village (going to have the user able to walk around the "main city) another is like a cave / tunnel "side scroller" (seamless image) and a world map.
    • 2 Main Characters - 100x100 The ones in part1 but more of a "white /grey scale" so I can tint parts of the body with customization to the character e.g. tint the headband pink if they wanted vs the red (just an example)
    • With the following animations for both the characters:
    • -Throwing
    • -Walking
    • -"Riding" animation while on a tiger (listed below)
    • --Left/Right/Up/Down and all four points in between those directions e.g. left/up ... right/up .. left/down ... right/down (can explain better with a drawing if this doesn't make sense)
    • -Death animation
    • An orange tiger (100x150)... that has the movement of the above. (One of the bosses will have a tiger that ends up "being your companion and you ride around on it") - this will also be part of a boss that you fight so it will need to have a "saddle" on it.
    • 10 villagers (100x100) to populate the town with - simple animations for most ("idle state")
    • 4 have a simplified walk animations (up/down/left/right) - can get into details of what exactly is needed here.

    • 4 Bosses (150x150) with the following animations
    • -Throwing animations (all specific will get into details)
    • -"idle" animation
    • -A "casting a spell" animation
    • -Death animation
    • 1 additional Boss(200x200) with the following animations
    • -"Casting a spell"
    • -"Laughing"
    • -"flying" (forward-backwards-up/down)
    • -Idle animation
    • 15 enemies (100x100) with the following animations:
    • - "running"
    • -"death"
    • -"idle"
    • -"throwing"
    • -50 icons (88x88) - various items for inventory/shop/etc.

    As before, we can talk about the price/details/how to do payment (once finished or every 10-15% of the total project - again something we can discuss). Just for assurance and "feel good" vibe I'd like to go off a percentage based of artwork finished -> get paid. This way you get money that is needed for your time, and I am not chucking 100's out for one image. (I can also reference my last artist who can vouch I did pay and was very responsive with feedback regarding the art, how things were - and trust me I have no problem explaining until the desire type image is of ideal thought :p)

    I also wish for the art to be royalty free in case I do decide to reuse artwork I won't have "ah ha's" biting me in the behind. I don't intend to use artwork in another game but never know. Better safe than sorry.

    Also I will only pay via PayPal.

    If you are interested please PM me or e-mail me at David at and please provide some sample artwork (a link or what not)!

    Also as I'll be spending all my time invested and working with my game(to date, 8 months averaging 7 hours a day... roughly 1500 ish hours spent on part one) I cannot and have no intentions for other payment methods (profit sharing/me programming something in return/ - I don't have time to program something for another and I'm not interested in profit sharing: attempted before on another project and too many complications arose)

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    Have you got any budget in mind?
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    Lets discuss details

    Please check our portfolio . If you like it, please contact me via skype to discuss the details.

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    If you are still looking for help, I am very interested.

    Look here:
    Please email me and we can discuss further.

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