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    I've often felt "meh" about a game the first time around, then read some glowing comments here and gone back, lo and behold, the game turns out much different and better than I first thought. So I thought it might be fun to start a "second look" "second chance" thread, to see if we can point each other in directions we might have missed.

    My second chance right now is Another Case Solved. It seems much better this time around...
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    Hitman GO.

    When i saw it i just ignored it. It just didnt look Hitman to me at all whatsoever. Then came the time it went on a free campaign. Tried it, just for the heck of it since i loved Hitman, and BOOM! Fell in love with the game.



    Installed it, didnt like it, uninstalled it. After a while i kinda felt like playing a sci fi RTS game and i reinstalled OTTTD despite it just being a TD game instead of an RTS. Deleted.

    Maybe there was something in it that i kept reinstalling it, and the third time's the charm. OTTTD's now one of my few liked TD games on the ipad.


    Dark Echo.

    I dismissed it due to the minimalist visuals. The images just didnt click with me, and i didnt even bother to watch videos. When the app of the week promo came, downloaded without expecting anything despite glowing reviews from the likes of Metalcasket whose reviews i have much respect for. I basically downloaded it because of the MFi support.

    Really want to punch myself for not getting this game earlier, and it felt stupid throwing money on to some useless apps or shitty games when i couldve bought this one earlier instead. But then i just got it free so it felt all wrong again... Really great game and i dont think i'll be deleting it for a long time.
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    Used to happen to me all the time a couple of years back. It happened for the same reason as you stated (someone giving a glowing recommendation). And if I got into that game I also really got into the whole genre afterwards. I hope I'll be able to start liking new genres again, because right now, my mobile gaming life is quite depressing.

    Call of Duty Zombies: "Ugh, what the hell is this sh*t, you can't play an FPS on a touchscreen". Though I blame that one on the developer, because the appaling tilt to move controls were enabled by default.

    Infinity Blade: "Bleh, this isn't Epic Citadel with combat, it's an on-rails turd" ended up being level 55 or so in the first installment.

    A certain MMORPG: "Look at those cartoony graphics, only 5 year olds would play this game, and who the hell would play as a bird or a bear? Only retards would play this game". Ended up playing that MMORPG (on and off) for 5 years.

    Temple run: "This casual crap is exactly why we can't have real mobile games. Swipe controls, tilt to move, bleh." Hit around 20000 (or so, it was a big number) meters when it got popular at my school. That game was anything but casual to me.

    Minesweeper. Never liked that game as a kid but I installed it on the iPhone just because it was free. Opened it, hated it as expected and then it was just collecting dust for a few months. Until I got bored and learned how it's actually played. Now it's my favourite puzzle game.
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    I waited forever for Card Wars to go on sale. When it finally did, I bought it, and played for a few minutes and put it away-it just didn't grab me the first time. Then I came back to it some time later, and I've been playing it for months, building and rebuilding decks and testing them with new heroes, and on and on and on....Right now I have a Useless Swamp deck with a Princess Cookie heroine that is just kicking the daylights out of everything.
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    I'm usually the opposite, interestingly enough. I will download a game while it's fresh, new and exciting, play it - sometimes for an entire day - and then put it down and never come back to it.

    Even so, I've had a few second chance encounters. The biggest that I can remember were FTL, Cook Serve Delicious and Shantae - Risky's Revenge. All three I played for a short while and put them away into a metaphorical drawer. Came back later and found them somehow vastly enhanced experiences.

    Edit: And Dark Souls. Oh man, Dark Souls.
  6. dancj

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    Jan 25, 2011
    Castle Doombad.

    Also Battleheart Legacy. First time round I tried creating an all-rounder and it just didn't work - I was failing at dungeons a couple of levels below my character. Then I started again and went mostly Bard with a bit of Wizard and Necromancer and loved it - and was beating dungeons a few levels above my character.

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