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    Aug 18, 2012
    Hi im searching for a game similar to iSketch or Pictionary if u guys know but the difference is that it was with images only u didnt had to draw anything.. and only 2 players would play at a time

    I used to play it about 3 years ago if i remember well..

    So the game was like this.. you would enter the site make an account then start playing.. you would connect with another player and a series of images would appear ( one picture at a time.. 1 player would see the full picture and get a word and the other player would see the image black and the other player must reveal a little from the picture to make the other player type and guess what he has to type )

    So for example i am playing with another player.. i have an image with a mountain and at the bottom of the mountain would be a wolf for example.. and i would have the word WOLF that i need to make the other player to type.. i can reveal the picture to the other player by clicking it and revealing bit by bit.. so i would click the wolf and the other player could see and normally he would type WOLF and we would move on further to the next picture and so on..

    Anyone has any idee and has played this game ? I really liked it and would like to find it again cant remember what was the site name.. if anyone knows it would be of great help thx..

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