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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by mrbass, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Annotater $5

    Really ticked off at first as the zoom was limited. Last night had brother and his wife over doing karaoke. Well no one likes to sorth through my 150+ pages of karaoke songs. So does Air Sharing come to the rescue? Does Act Printer rescue me? Both apps I own. Nope can't search PDFs in any program except Annotater. So I redownload it bought it for $5 couple months ago and see it finally got an update to fix the zoom. It works awesome. I was able to search through my 15,000 plus karaoke songs to quickly navigate to one I needed. Before I had to get my macbook pro and search the pdf on that. No longer needed to power the best up.

    I gave this a 1 star as without the additional zoom it was useless to me. Now it's 5 star to me. BTW, you need a mac (not windows) for this to work.
    Official page has tons of screenshots and explains everything.
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    I'm a fan

    My brother and I are writing a book together and since you can't edit .doc files on the phone yet, this is second best. I just made our document a PDF and read through it and added notes on the go.

    I synced it with my computer and then updated the notes/annotations in the .doc file. Worked great.

    Still waiting for .doc editing capabilities...and a BlueTooth portable keyboard.

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