Universal Seabeard - (by Backflip Studios)

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    I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum I'm ou
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    No real tips but I try to fish when they are closer to land so I have less line to pull but the bigger fish always struggles so you have to wait him out also try to slowly turn your reel when you pull them in its tempting to go fast but slow is better
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    Same issue as the others. The game crashes as soon as GameCenter starts to load up. Playing on iPhone 5 (iOS 8.0.2). I wonder why it crashes for some and not for others, maybe amount of friends? I don't want to log out of GC if that's how the game saves. Any tips to get it started?
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    I have the same problem with GameCenter and its happening with quite a few games, I would also know how to fix the problem.
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    I'm not liking the energy thing at all. It takes FOREVER to replenish all your energy, and the cap is only 4! If it were up to me, I'd get rid of energy altogether. I also find it kinda frustrating that you have to wait for your items to be sold, instead of having them be sold right on the spot like in most games. It's a shame, really, that a game with such potential turns out to be not much fun to play because of these pitfalls. :(
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    The energy thing really ruins Seabeard since you constantly have to hop between islands. Having to earn money in the game to buy things and use IAP to speed things up a bit is fine, but why all the timers? Also some of the items are crazy expensive plus it seems the game is always tricking you to buy something else than the thing you're saving up for. 50 pearls to upgrade my (tiny) inventory when you earn zero pearls while playing? That's just ridiculous. Just give me a chest in my cabin to store my stuff.

    There is a real good, fun, very polished game under there, but things have to balance out first.
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    They need to eliminate timers (or reduce timers to say 5 Mins / energy)

    Allow you to increase inventory space, stall space etc by using gold.

    Increase the amount of gold given (though maybe later in game it is easier to save gold)

    Allow you to get premium currency during regular gameplay.

    This is a really fun game that goes to great lengths to make sure you dont actually enjoy the said game.
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    Have been waiting for this game for some time now. Love the look of it and it oozes polish. Sad to see it in soft launch as it make me have to wait even longer to have a go at it. I am not a big fan of free to play with IAP's and internet connection required, but if done right they can be ok. Be interested to see what side this take in that respect, Castaway Paradise crash and burned all my expectations with to many levels of ways to pay and the sectioned off part of the house for VIP only, was the final straw.

    If you need a UK tester *cough *cough I can fill that role * cough *cough.

    Hope the soft launch goes well and you do a wold wide release soon.
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    Incoming wall of text!

    I am only at the try to rebuild first bridge, just placed down the food stall and did the farmer's initial packake missions, so sorry if I list smething that is in the game already, but is done later.

    I know it must be annoying for some of you to keep reading the same old, "the timers are terrible, add a premium version!" but hear me out. I have plenty of ideas for tweaking main gameplay for everyone.

    Ideas that have [1] are ideas that should tweak or add to the entire game. [2] Are ideas for half-premium and [3] are ideas for full premium. If the number is followed by a question mark (like this: [1?]) it means questionable for that category. if it fits into [1], it does as well ith [2] and [3] but [3] does not include [2] or [1], unless otherwise specified.
    I say half and full premium because it would be nice to pay less for a taste of features full premium offers. I suggest $1.49 - $2.99 USD for half premium and $3.99 - $5.99 USD for full premium, and if you purchase half premium first, however much money you spend on it is deducted from full premium. (Pricing is just a rough estimate between "affordability" and profit. If there is premium, please don't make it a reccuring "membership" fee.)

    -Add insects for a more polished atmosphere. Perhaps crickets that you hear during the night but are loudest when you are close. [1]
    --If you add insects, add bug catching. [1]
    -Interaction with furniture. [1]
    -More interacton with crafting. [1]
    -Skip minigame for no energy cost but move at 1/8th speed (makes your wait be the travel, not the wait be for energy) [2][3?]
    --Previous one but at 1/4th speed[3]
    -Remove visibility of timers. Give an estimte time for things to take. (ex. Fish says it should take around 20 minutes to sell, but there's a chance it takes less or it takes more). [1][2?][3?]
    --Make building times consistent (small buildings take half a day, and largest can take up to 3-4 days)(I'm on a whim that this game doesnt do this) [1]
    -Have fish spawn more often (20% for new fish to spawn every minute?) [1][2?]
    --Increase spawn rate of fish even more [2][3?]
    -Events at certain times of day [1]
    -Spend a good 5-10 minutes of grinding a task to get an energy [1][2?]
    -Make pearls a slightly more common reward [1][2?]


    What is penalty, or how do you deal with those who skip ahead on their device's time? Im too afraid to try for myself...
    Are there island minigames? Perhaps some minigame you can only try once a day on an island? If not, it is a suggestion for [1].

    I saw someon was in need of tips for fishing, I have gotten good and here is what I do.
    Whenever the fish is starting to get close to the sad face line, reel a little bit to stun its progress, and do it in small bursts, just make sure not to over do it, because the equivelent of 2 to 4-ish straight seconds of reeling while the fish is fighting will "snap" your line (auto-fail). I haven't seen a difference if you reel a fish in slowly or quickly, yet. I'll edit if I find out, but for now it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Sorry I wrote a wall of text, I wanted to be thorough. Thanks for reading though!
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    For those particular missions try shaking some stuff!! They are hidden in plain sight!!!
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    After playing a couple of days I have some great impressions but with the good comes the bad.

    The game has real time day and night cycles. That really makes you get immersed in the game. It almost even has real time weather. I am thinking that is coincidental but hey who knows! Maybe it really is! The only bad about this is that the animals like to sleep at night and I can't task them with making items while I sleep.

    There are loads and loads of quests to do. Never ever a shortage of things that need to get taken care of. Trouble with this is that I want more life to travel between islands. If I have to jet off to do a task I want to do so more than four times. And so long a refresh time.

    Lots of variety. Dialogue. Etc. but some gets recycled. The one for clothes keeps following me around - but I am not going to waste coins on clothes when I really need it for buildings.

    Maybe I shouldn't mention this but is the energy supposed to be the same for the mini game and skipping the mini game? Skip for one quickly or do the game for one? Doesn't make sense to me. Or is it cuz you give up your opportunity for a prize?

    Overall what a great game - just some tweaking necessary.
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    I find trees/shrubs/etc regenerate very slowly as well. took me an entire day to get the blue apple because a) its rare b) the trees take forever to regrow.

    This wouldnt really be such a problem but at this point in the game there is little else to do. Also it really sucks ass the inventory is so small.
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    I can't say its good and I can't say its bad..
    at this moment in this stage it can be fixed .. hopefully..

    Half sad ramble :(
    (At this moment I can't recommend this, the one friend I have with a iOS that may like this, has no home WiFi, I test out games cause I have WiFi maybe not all the time it tends to leave but unlike her situation I have it she doesn't .. why waste the time she has WiFi getting the game to only find out it needs it.. this is where I come in ...
    End ramble.. :(

    Energy is a pain.... O.O I want to sail to my hearts delight -_-

    Wifi needed 24/7
    (no WiFi you can't get back in to simply finish a building O.O, Not playable out and about, those with non 3G devices should understand)
    Not playable during stormy nights, or blackouts ...

    Changes I would love to see:

    Wifi not needed, Offline mode

    Storage in the house, that would be nice..

    something to A) increase energy max 8/8 or 10/10
    B) remove energy totally from game ...

    Starting angry Rant... :mad:
    If EA (the company who uses WiFi for a lot of their games,
    and are very stern on the IAP and such
    ) can make
    SimCity BuildIt offline (new game out recently)
    and have an optional online part add in timers
    plus a day/night cycle
    why can't this game ...
    are they more paranoid about IAP than EA...
    put the stuff server sided how hard is that !
    End angry rant... :(

    Graphics are great and cute love them!

    The game is easy to play, actually love the one click go here thing they actually made it work well, have played others that screw it up, but this game does it great..

    the traveling is fun, mini games in between ive gotten silver and gold prizes since ive been playing, I think the mini games are simple ^-^
    ( O.O Why would anyone want to skip these???? you earn a prize even if your bad at it )

    the timers for the buildings are fine I can run around and pick up stuff while I wait or go do something .. instead of using pearls..

    love the day night cycle I think it works well..

    Right now I wish they would fix the WiFi thing..

    I think since EA has similar elements like timers and Day/Night cycle plus they allow offline compatibility,
    then I believe that this game which had the same elements can also run offline ...
    they should server side the IAP like most now do if there so worried..

    a lot of games came out recently that I've been testing for my friend, happen to be offline but this one....
    please rethink your WiFi only thoughts before worldwide release..

    To sum up everything..

    Remove the need for WiFi, fix the energy limits, add storage dressers or chests in the building or home and I think this can become a truly amazing game ...
    I am not downing it totally yet .. there's still hope before full release ...
  13. HandCircus

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    Dec 12, 2008
    Hi All,

    Thanks for all of your responses, feedback and suggestions - its extremely valuable to us during soft-launch as it allows us to resolve issues and frustrations before we open the game up to more players.

    Specifically responding to some of these issues:

    GameCenter emoji names - We found a server bug with players that had emoji in their GC name, which prevented them logging in. This should be fixed today.

    GameCenter crashes - There were also issues with crashes during login. We're working on a fix for that but will require a new submission to Apple. We'll let you know once this has been submitted. In the meantime, you can log out of Gamecenter to stop the crashes - this will at least allow to play in the meantime.

    Energy/fuel and game balancing - we're reading all of your feedback and will be discussing this next week.

    Thanks again - keep that feedback coming!
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    I gave the game some time now and have to say that it's got the potential to become one of my favorite iOS games.
    The artwork and music are totally awesome and the gameplay has a solid foundation.

    My main gripe is the slow progression. Especially in the beginning (maybe until you have 3-4 buildings) you should be more generous with rewards/resources. It's really hard to get enough money and materials for the buildings. There are also hardly any pearls you get from quests. I think a lot of new players might lose interest in the game if progression slows down without them having a feel for the possibilities ahead.

    What contributes most to the slow progression is, as stated many times before, the energy system. My suggestions for the timers are:
    1. A one time IAP that removes the timer completely. I would gladly pay up to 10€ for that. That would be the most awesome move from you guys.
    2. A monthly subscription fee that gets rid of the timer and maybe ads some other perks. I actually liked the idea Castaway Paradise had, just not how they implemented it. I know a lot of people dislike this but I think it's only fair to pay regularly for a game that gets new content regularly.
    3. Raise the energy cap and lower the time for it to regenerate. Maybe add a IAP that does this, like in Sky Force.
    4. At least add energy/upgrade the capacity through quests.

    Another thing that needs some more work are the mini games. They are generally cool but sometimes feel volatile and a bit unfair. Also that fantastic feature where my characters walk in right from the edge of the screen doesn't always seem to work as intended. Sometimes they still seem to walk around the hole island.

    I don't really like paying for consumables, though I see they can be used for permanent upgrade here. Maybe think about some IAPs for permanent stuff. A good example (but a bit too pricey) is Pixel People.

    Please make this game so perfect that it kills my urge to purchase a New Neintendo 3DS when it launches in Europe just to play Fantasy Life and Animal Crossing

    For the other player: I just found out, that you don't always have to move to another island (and use up your energy) to find materials. Just hop on your boat and back on the same island and some stuff respawns. At least for me it worked for the driftwood. Don't know if it works for regrowing bushes and trees though.
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    Thanks for the fishing tips, @dreadnok and @snowblzr. It's getting better.

    In a video I heard the devs say that in this game you have to figure out the best route to go with items. I get that and I like that. It's a puzzle, sort of. :) I also don't mind some of the timers. But what I'd really, really like is a chest to keep stuff. Or even the opportunity to put items on the ground for a while.
    I would never go on a fun adventure (like this one) with such a small bag! Even the upgraded bag doesn't make it much easier. I did see a line about a warehouse or something though, so hopefully things will get better after a while. Having enough money to hire someone for the foodcart would probably also help. Hopefully.
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    This game seems soo good!!!! Why does it need constant internet connection and timer??? Argh...... I just died a little because of this... Really want to play this but... Really dissapointed.... :( :( :( :( :(
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    I think the main problem right now is that it feels unfair.

    - Quests makes you hop between islands, but we won't give you enough energy.
    - You have to collect lots of items, but we give you a tiny inventory.
    - You can expand your inventory with pearls, but we won't put those in the game.
    - There are lots of things to buy, but we will only pay you 10 gold at a time.
    - You can earn gold with fishing, but we put very few fish in the game.
    - If you happen to find a fish we make sure it's almost impossible to catch.
    - Right now I have to collect wheat, but that won't grow for two more days.
    - Is that fast lane mini-game even possible on medium difficulty?

    It's like the devs constantly laugh in your face and troll you every opportunity they get. You can not tell me these problems didn't come up while they were testing. The game looks absolutely incredible and runs perfectly, but these things suck the fun right out.
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    For those that want chests etc - I found you can build a storage warehouse. Two problems with that though. I don't have the resources to clear a new plot for it on my island. And it cost way too many coins!!!

    Please hand circus - this is too good a game not to be balanced properly!!!
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    First of all, that wheat quest is actually a side-quest, so don't be too bothered by it, because you have forever to complete it.
    Also, the mini-games seem unfair, but you're supposed to upgrade your boat to make them easier (I'm 90% that's the case)

    but I do have to agree, that because I have an iPad 4, out on the water, it lags quite a bit. As a result, I've never been able to successfully 100% the target practice minigame.
    If possible, make an option to make the out on sea part have less view distance, and not have extra athstetics, so the mini-games do not lag as much for me, thanks. :)

    Also, I don't think it's unbalanced at all. Its not a ridiculs price that will take you more than a week. Just fishing and doing profitable quests alone, I say I could get that much money for it in less than a week. That might seem like a while, but think about Animal Crossing. The initial bill you have to pay seems so ridiculous, but every day you find new ways to make more money. This game seems to do so as well. The only problem here, is I have yet to find a way to clear space...
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    Dec 28, 2012
    As with everyone else, I get a bit frustrated with quests requiring me to go back and forth between islands while only having limited energy, would appreciate a paid upgrade to unlimited. Do better boats have better energy amounts?

    Also, Anyone know how I find worms?!

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