Scythe: top down-ish dual stick brawler (not shooter) multiplayer game ideas

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  1. cubytes

    cubytes Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    Scythe or (Death Scythe):

    the idea is to make a character based brawler (not shooter) game leveraging a top down ish dual stick engine; similar to guerrilla bob which i point to because the scale and perspective is dialed in almost perfectly for the kind of gameplay im imagining. Scythe should have a whole plethora of diverse characters each with their own unique fighting style. However most importantly, Scythe should provide both competitive and cooperative multiplayer gameplay...

    skipping everything and going right to the controls; specifically the melee controls (there will be no projectile attacks)

    -on the bottom right there should be just 1 button
    -tapping this button will commence attacking
    -alternatively; you can hold and release the button to charge up a technical attack

    but wait just one button? wont that be kinda boring just doing the same attacks over and over again? yes it would but...

    heres the idea:
    -this is an improved vision for what i call an "omni button"
    -swiping up, down, left or right will change the button and thus change the kinds of attacks you do when you tap on it
    -each button will represent a set of attacks
    -each character has 4 sets of attacks
    -some will be quick 3 chain combos
    -others will be slow but powerful

    so when you fight it goes like:
    -tap tap tap swipe tap tap tap swipe tap swipe tap tap tap or whatever
    -swiping left or right no matter what the button is already, will alternate between 2 quick attack sets
    -swiping up or down will alternate between 2 types of strong attacks
    -multiple swipes in the same directions will also alternate between the two sets
    -so you can swipe left tap a few times then swipe left again to alternate and same goes with up and down; you can swipe up tap a few times and swipe up again to alternate

    in addition to the 4 sets of attacks:
    -each character will have a skill
    -the skill can be activated at any time there is no cool down and no mp
    -the skill button should be in between the two sticks at the bottom center of the screen

    so each character has:
    -4 sets of attacks; 2 quick attack sets and 2 strong attack sets
    -4 different technical attacks; each button represents its own tech attack (hold and release)
    -and 1 skill that can be initiated at any time

    basically im proposing that it would feel much more natural to have just one big finger friendly button for attacks and be able to change that button by swiping across it then having 4 on screen buttons

    up next: thoughts about the games design
  2. cubytes

    cubytes Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    game design:

    background story:
    -the characters in the game are fighting for glory but also in order to claim the scythe for themselves (hence the name scythe)
    -why idk??? maybe to become more powerful or the holder of the scythe gets to make one wish or something...

    -there should be a whole plethora of characters included in the game
    -they should be creative and unique and have their own reasons for wanting the scythe
    -each character will have multiple animated splash screens

    art style/design:
    -anime cell shaded flavor
    -possibly even using Japanese voice actors to capture more of the essence

    -lots of characters
    -lots of maps each each representing a characters homeworld
    -both should be expanded with DLC

    -deathmatch: big brawl (8 players) skirmish (4 players)
    -team deathmatch: same variants as above
    -RR tournaments
    -duels (1v1)

    gameplay thoughts:
    -maps will have traps (can be turned on/off)
    -NPC enemies (it can be turned on/off)
    -NPC enemy 1) common enemies: these are like zombies from L4D; sometimes there will be swarms of them... other times they will be wandering randomly
    -NPC enemy 2) special enemies: each map will have 1 special enemy and this special enemy will have a antagonist/protagonist relationship with the playable characters
    -this enemy will be ridiculously strong and wander the map taking out anyone who crosses its path, they can be defeated tho if multiple players work together to take the enemy down
    -if a special enemy is taken down the players who are near the location will get a huge health boost for the rest of the round (meaning every respawn)

    some of the thoughts included here are lifted straight from my inuyasha game idea thread this is how i would more or less transition that vision to a mobile product with ORIGINAL IP. of course you could easily create this product leveraging anime franchises as well which would only increase the chances of it being successful. if that is how its played...

    you could do the leveling up like this:
    -increases total hp
    -increases speed, attack and defense
    -new skills replace the older skill; can be rolled back in the menu

    inuyash: level up by collecting jewel shards on the map and by defeating enemies who have them

    onepience: defeat enemies to gain points

    bleach: defeat enemies to gain points

    naruto: defeat enemies to gain points
  3. sammysin

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    Swansea, UK
    Anything with a Scythe has my interest.
  4. RttaM

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    Jan 12, 2010
    /me waits for the hates
  5. cubytes

    cubytes Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    need to be a bit more creative if original IP:

    -the scythe or death scythe gives its wielder unimaginable power and is able to grant one wish, however the sycthe will corrupt the wielder with darkness
    -there is also a holy weapon called "Excalibur" in the game world that grants its wielder with unimaginable power (no wish tho)
    -you can play off of the two weapons as being good and evil
    -each character has their own reasons for wanting the scythe or excalibur
    -some characters are good some are evil
    -some good characters may want the scythe regardless of the consequences and
    -some evil characters may want the excalibur in order to destroy the scythe and throw the world into chaos ect ect ect
    -the common enemies are monsters, guards ect whatever jives with the atmosphere of the map
    -the special npc enemies represent "villains" and "heros" and have a antagonist/protagonist relationship with 1 or multiple playable characters
    -these characters are not playable but they can be secret unlock-able characters
    -some special enemies will be good others evil
    -one special enemy may represent the ultimate good in the game world
    -and another may represent the ultimate evil in the gameworld
    -so theres a lot of flexibility in story here
    -thats all i got for story/lore


    sudden death: (can be turned off/on)
    -when sudden death occurs the scythe appears on the map
    -it can be picked up by players and grants them amazing power (not invincibility but pretty close)
    -the downside is you can only hold it for X amount of secs/mins before it kills you
    -once you have the scythe there is no way to drop it you just go crazy until it kills you and respawn
    -when the weilder is killed it will drop on the map and can picked up by another player
    -it will continue to swap hands until the match is over

    extracurricular activities and bonuses (can be turned on/off):
    -in addition to taking out the special NPC enemies (which can be turned off)
    -there can be other secrets and bonuses too

    unsealing demons/legendary monsters:
    - on each map there will be 4 seals scattered about (placed randomly)
    -players break them to unleash a powerful demon or monster (unique to each map)
    -once released it will wander around occasionally netting you kills as long as you released at least 1 or more seals
    -the more you release the better the chances of you getting credit for the demons/monsters kills, since if multiple players release the demon it will choose at random with higher chance giving to those players who broke the most seals
    -the demon or monster can be taken out by cordinating attacks for bonuses similar to killing the special NPC enemy that wander each map

    -on each map there will be several spirits
    -7 elemental: fire wind earth water ice light and dark
    -2 greater spirits: elemental master and the master of light and dark
    -once you have X amount of kills you can see the elemental spirits (they are placed randomly); the greater spirits only appear when all elemental spirits have made a pact
    -when you find a spirit you have to make a pact (fight it) if you win it will join you and fight along side you
    -you can make a pact with multiple spirits
    -if you are killed by a player the spirit will leave you and respawn back on the map waiting to form a pact

    -only appears during sudden death
    -only if special enemy has to be taken out
    -legendary monster or demon unsealed (doesn't matter if its defeated)
    -and only can be wielded by a player who has made a pact with at least 1 spirit
    -the excalibur is like the scythe except it doesnt kill you

    how about that for depth :)

    i think the extracurricular activities will add phenomenal value to the experience. some players will simply ignore and go straight for kills. also for RR tournaments or vendetta's they can be turned off (so theres no excuses). however i think a lot of players may actually ignore the fighting and go straight for the extracurricular activities at first until they are ready. it also can be leveraged for stand alone game mode variants and work well for both deathmatch and team deathmatch (especially team deathmatch)

    what do you guys think?
  6. cubytes

    cubytes Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2009
    also just to be clear on a few basics....

    -health regenerates automatically after X amount of secs without taking damage (like most modern shooters)
    -there are no standalone skills (removing them since there are 4 technical skills can be initiated by holding and releasing the attack button)
    -there is no block or jump; only move and attack
    -attack chains may include acrobatic moves in them; like when you press the attack button you will thrust towards your enemy and attack at the same time
    -or another one may have you do a backflip/and attack first then attack ect
    -each character will have 4 sets of attacks; 2 quick attack sets, 2 strong attack sets
    -the quick attack sets are fast long chains that have acrobatic moves and attacks mixed into the chain
    -the strong attacks are slower and have smaller chains but they have no acrobatic moves mixed in only attacks
    -the attack chains are endless simply relooping the same set over and over without a pause if player continuously taps the button
    -you can switch or alternate attack sets by swiping across the action button
    -you can alternate attack sets in mid chain without any pause; the only reason there would ever be a pause in attacks is if player stopped tapping the attack button
    -also each character has 4 technical attacks
    -technical attacks are done by holding the attack button then releasing it
    -each of the 4 sets has a unique technical attack
    -knockdowns and ups so if you unleash a combo or land 3 or more attacks on an enemy you will knock them down you wont be able to hit them till they get back up
    -when you get up you attack at the same time
    -there may also be clashes (when two players attack each other at the same time) when a clash occurs (if engine permits) i want the two to duel it out in a tap contest similar to naruto shippuden fighting games
    -there maybe some zoom in and out feature similar to star trek DAC that will let you more or less expand a live radar out to full screen and be able to see every one moving around on the map in real time (if so the button will be at the top right)
    -menu button on the top left tap to expand stats (k/o spread) and options like leave and a vote system (similar to L4D)
    -if device goes into sleep mode or there is a call or the application is closed the player is in a live online session the character will automatically become a bot and the position will be held for X amount of secs/mins
    -when game/app goes live again the player will be able to pick up right where they left off unless the match has finished or the held position has timed out;then it will simply load the main menu
    -i want brawls to have a total of 8 players even if it has to be limited to just wifi/local
    -i want skirmishes to have a total of 4 players
    -i want there to be lobbies (create/join)
    -i want lots of lush animated splash screens centered around the playable characters, special enemies, the spirits, the sealed monsters ect
    -i want the movement to have high quality animation a not look awkward like the character can rotate their torso 360 degrees like some DSS
    -tap to lock/unlock target?
    -online multiplayer 3G (if good connection) and wifi
    -local multiplayer wifi and bluetooth
    -all of the modes should be playable offline too
    -lush 3D anime flavored cell shaded graphics (guerrilla bob is a good example)
    -i want the characters to have life and personality in the game like they make quality grunts and screams when fighting and possibly make comments from time to time similar to L4D

    i might work on some outlines for a few characters in the game next :)
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    May 24, 2010
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    thanks for the ideas.

    brb buyin an apple and developing for my own profits
  8. cubytes

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    Aug 25, 2009
    ahhahaha good luck!!

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