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    Wanted to point you to one of our iPhone/touch games, Scram Sam, which has been marked down to $.99.


    General Description

    Ready? Set? Scram!

    From the celebrated game creators at Vir2L Studios, get Scram Samâ„¢ and dash your way to fun!

    Poor Sam has run out of gas and the nearest filling station is blocked by an endless stream of rush hour traffic. Sam needs your help to navigate countless obstacles, including shark-infested waters to fill his gas tank. Make a run for it with Scram Sam.

    Key Features
    • 50 High Octane Levels to sprint, dash, scram and jump your way through.
    • Evade 100 Unique Vehicles including police vans, dragsters and hot dog mobiles.
    • Dodge dozens of obstacles including UFOs, speeding locomotives, and Kung Fu kitties as you strive to fill the gas tank!
    • Grab power-ups & pick-ups to increase your skills. Neutron-Stix anyone?
    • Lookout for natural disasters: Earthquakes, tornados and lightning strikes.
    • Hang on for free rides on Magic Carpets, Helicopters and Tow Trucks.



    If you want to try the game, there's a lite version on iTunes. If you like it, you can pick up the full version for $.99 here.

    Hope you like it.
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    This is a fun Frogger clone. Try it out. :)

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