Chubby Chuck, Tina Ties-a-knot and Billy Bullseye are three scouts working as a team. They each have one individual abil…
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Chubby Chuck, Tina Ties-a-knot and Billy Bullseye are three scouts working as a team. They each have one individual ability; an axe, a rope and a slingshot. In their strive to earn scout badges they head out in the woods and encounter adventurous challenges which can all be solved with one of their abilities. The player needs to change the running order of the patrol to have the right scout meet the challenge. Run, jump, use abilities, collect rare flowers and spot rare animals to get rewarded with scout badges. Keep your eyes open and you might even spot the mysterious Big-foot! "SCOUTS!" is an endless runner which offers funny characters, crazy scout badges and adventurous environments. - Swipe around the order of the three scouts by swiping from right to left and match the correct scout with the right challenge. - Tap collectibles and complete missions to earn scout badges. - Earn badges and improve your scout rank. - Save cute forest animals and get your own mascot and scout theme. - Use cool power-ups. SCOUTS! has been developed and tested for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but can be played on most Android and IOS devices. SCOUTS! was produced at DADIU 2014 (The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment). The in-game store is a mock-up and it is not possible to spend any real money within the game. Website: Facebook: CREDITS Martin Birkebæk - Game Designer Malte Burup - Visual Designer Andreas Dalsaa - QA & UX Manager Nicolai V. Døssing - QA & UX Manager Asger Othmar Frøhlich - Audio Designer, Composer Michael Fuglsang - Programmer Jens Grud - Lead Programmer Lowe Haak - Game Director Jesper Brun Halfter - Art Director Hákon Jarl Hannesson - Technical Artist, Pipeline Programmer Dennis F. Hansen - QA & UX Manager Marco Iwersen - Voice Actor Christian Bang Jacobsen - Business Developer Michael Jarberg - CG Artist Espen Jensen - QA & UX Manager Rasmus Krøyer Jørgensen - Programmer Michael Kristiansen - Animator Michał Królikowski - QA Programmer Jens Møller Kursch - Programmer Andrea Luongo - Programmer Satomi Matsuura - Voice Actor Martin Nejsum - QA & UX Manager Sune Sylvest Nilausen - Programmer Anne Sofie Weiss Pedersen - Business Developer Lasse Rasmussen - QA & UX Manager Adán Silva - Level Designer Melanie Thomsen - CG Artist Nanna F. Topp - Lead QA & UX Manager Emma Furbo Vig - Project Manager
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Jan 27, 2015
Updated:Jan 28, 2015
Size:256.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal