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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Adams Immersive, Mar 27, 2009.

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    What exactly is the scoring algorithm for Quick Draw?

    Obviously both the drawer and each guesser get points for a right guess. And games with more people score higher. I even understand why your points for a guess DROP as other people catch on: your guess is worth more if it's tough enough that others don't get it. Big points if you're the only one of a crowd that does. (And it seems that if you gain points for your drawing, and then the guesser leaves the game immediately, the points from that guess are removed.)

    But I can't seem to figure out exactly the scoring system. I think I have and then I predict wrong. Not that it's all THAT important, but... anyone figured it out?

    Does the first guess get extra points (after all is said and done) or all are guesses equal?

    And how much does the drawer get?

    -- Yours Truly, Morgan... top Quick Draw scorer for yesterday :eek:

    P.S. The Lite version has a REALLY limited word list: I guess Sheep or Key at the start of every round and am right an awful lot of the time. Get the real game! And venture beyond the General category. (I know more words are coming, but even now, the real game gives you lots of words if you venture out into the other categories. Which people don't often do. But I notice that if I START a game in another category, people join it. So I KNOW there are people out there willing to venture beyond General :) )

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