Universal Scorcher - Radiangames (Pre-Order Live)

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by radiangames, Mar 1, 2019.

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    Hi TA forums,

    At long last, the pre-order for Scorcher ($2.99, coming March 7th) is finally live! You can get the game here:

    Scorcher is a blazing-fast canyon racing from Radiangames (Slydris 2, Inferno 2, Super Crossfighter, etc). There are 4 canyons to race through, 3 ships to unlock/choose from, and an unlockable Behemoth mode where you play as a colossal sandworm instead of a ship. Here's the latest trailer for the game if you need visuals:

    If you want more details about the game's development, I post about once a week to my blog (here's the latest post):

    Hope you guys enjoy the game!

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