iPhone SciBeaver HD - light-guiding puzzle FREE for a limited time

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  1. Nadia

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    Hello everyone,

    Creators of Carnivores series here. We have just recently released a new puzzle game and to celebrate the launch it's free for a limited time so you're welcome to try it out and tell us what you think.


    So according to the story a beaver invented a world-destructing weapon and because of this he was kidnapped by terrorists and now the player needs to help the beaver get out of the cell.


    You progress in the game by blowing up exit doors and your only weapon is a beam of light which you need to guide using lenses and super lenses and prisms and TNT crates and mines.


    Puzzles get really challenging as you progress and there is a special scoring system which counts how much light has been lost as you built up this chain of mirrors and lenses so there's a lot of room for making your score perfect.


    As I said, the game is temporarily free so if you like to exercise your brain, it may be the right choice at no cost. AppStore link

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    Apr 6, 2011
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    This looks interesting and I really enjoyed RoboSockets, so downloading. Will post some impressions soon. Thanks!

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