Scavenger Quest (by CyberShrew Games)

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    Jul 11, 2018

    CyberShrew Games Presents:
    Scavenger Quest

    Get off the couch and search the real world for items, objects, animals, and oddities. In Scavenger Quest you have two missions; Challenge yourself to find something strange, rare, or unusual, and attempt to guess what your opponent discovered for you. Stick with casual, easy to find items or challenge yourself with rare, difficult to find things... The choice is yours to tailor your experience as you see fit.

    Earn points to unlock more levels and achievements. Higher levels unlock more achievements. If you like a personal challenge; or want to go head to head with your friends to see who can complete them all first, then this is the game for you.

    Who doesn't like cute, collectible creatures? In Scavenger Quest, you'll come across many interesting characters to collect. Bag Butlers, Emotional Bears, Bureaucrats, CraftyBots... You can earn them all and show them off to your friends.

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