Save the Spheres - by Spyral Games (10 Promo Codes to Give Away!)

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    Save the Spheres is a fast paced arcade game that tests your speed and reflexes. It is reminiscent of the classic arcade games where you are always trying to better your score and make it to the top of the leaderboards.

    - Save the Spheres is OpenFeint Enabled.

    -Includes online Leaderboards and Achievements.

    - Includes 5 game modes:

    Avoid - Keep your Sphere away from the incoming cubes.

    Defend - Save you Sphere by destroying the cubes before they hit your Sphere.

    Shift - Slide the cubes out of the way of your moving Sphere.

    Intercept - Destroy the cubes with your Sphere before their timer hits zero.

    Tumble - Add cubes and watch them fall around the screen as you throw your Sphere into them.

    For a chance to win 1 of 10 Promo Codes Twitter @spyralgames something funny about sphere shaped objects or mention Save the Spheres and Touch Arcade. For non-Twitter user send an email to with Promo Code in the Subject line. I will pick 10 winners by the end of Nov. 29. Thanks everyone for your support!


    iTunes link for Save the Spheres ($0.99):

    iTunes line for Save the Spheres Lite (FREE):
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