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    Jan 21, 2015
    Good Morning,

    We are DuckyGames, a little studio made by two young and healthy students who just finished our first game, Save The Puck, on Android and iOS.
    It’s a simple arcade and addictive game like Flappy Bird, Stick Hero or Don’t Touch the Spikes.
    The game is totally and absolutely free, without in app purchase.

    The goal is very simple , you need to keep your Puck alive as long as possible.
    You try to do your best again and again !

    On top of that, you can earn coins to unlock more beautiful, strange or hairless Pucks.

    “Save The Puck is a kind of Pong for people who have no friends.”
    A Lonely Duck.

    Features :

    Solo game
    Infinty game
    More than fifty Pucks to unlock

    Release date : january 16, 2015
    Price : Free
    Support : Android / iOS
    Google :
    GameJolt :
    WebSite :
    Twitter :

    Feel free to give us feedback on the game and of course we are at your disposal if you have any additional questions for us.

    Have fun !

    DuckyGames (Quack ! Quack !)

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