Sature - every board is a unique paletete

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    Dec 17, 2014

    I wanted to share our first game with you and ask if anyone would be interested in testing the beta.

    Sature is a minimal strategy board game of color for two players.

    Players compete to darken and desaturate their opponent's colors in order to control the brightest colors at the end of the game. Each player takes turns placing a piece onto the board. Any colors adjacent to the placed piece's arrows will be "mixed". The colors will shift hues and darken based on their relative positions on the color wheel. Colors also have the opportunity to defend against the placed piece. Once a board has been completed a unique palette has been generated.

    The game can be played locally with a friend or against AI with four different difficulty settings.

    The classic palette

    Colorblind mode: Each marker shows the color's hue's position around the color wheel

    Autumn themed starting palette

    Noir themed starting palette

    Special pieces: Bombs, walls, and healing pieces

    (full res versions of these screens are available here)

    A fully playable version of Sature will be released as free-to-play while the full feature version will be available as a single, one-time in-app purchase. The full features of the game include specially powered pieces, themed starting palettes, board skins, different board sizes, and other options to add replay value to the game.

    Sature will be available for iOS and Android. We are shooting for a release date early next year (2015).

    Sign up to the Beta!
    For information on signing up to the beta (for Android or iOS 8 through TestFlight), visit this link:

    Follow our progress:
    -Twitter: @ss64games
    -Our website/tumblr:
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    Hi, I played this and I think the first few levels were way too complex. Maybe limit the pallett and number of shapes for the first few levels. You could even have triangles or squares at the beginning.

    Best of luck, I love the concept!

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