Santa's Delivery

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    [​IMG]Hey guys, just like to announce our new game Santa's Delivery. It will be available shortly (just submitted to apple). Cost will be 99 cents.

    Santa's Delivery is a side scroller where you play as Santa Clause, and you shoot presents at houses that have christmas lights on. The game play is very simple yet addictive.
    You swipe your finger up or down to deliver a present in that direction.

    3D Graphics
    2 different game modes
    Simple gameplay - Difficult to master
    Lots of replay value
    Progressive difficulty (Game becomes harder as you play)
    Leader Boards (Game Center)
    Game Center implementation (*Supported devices only*)
    Achievements (Game Center)
    Fun addictive gameplay
    Non-Violent gameplay -Fun for everyone!


    I will post again once apple has approved it and it is released to the public.

    You can check out the game at, we will also have some info on our other upcoming games and apps.
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    We are still waiting on apple to approve the app.
    But just wanted to inform every one we decided to donate 10% of all sales of this app (once it is available - Jan 1st) to families in need and orphan children in Afghanistan.
    It would be great if some of you would spread the word to your friends and family so we can raise as much money possible.
    I know 10% doesn't sound like much, but hopefully it adds up. Our goal is at least a $1000 donation.

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