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    As long as updates come quickly, I can live with bugs — I have an absurd backlog right now. The sad thing is that Apple Arcade’s run of buggy releases is par for the course right now (with some exemptions — more on that below). AAA franchise like Halo, Destiny, Fallout, and Assassins Creed are releasing games that are essentially unfinished. PC ports come out with significant performance issues. Even “remasters” like Mafia (you’d think they would get it right the second time around) are coming out with major problems.

    The fact is, games and platforms have gotten so complex that this kind of mess is basically unavoidable. The big exemption are major console exclusives from Nintendo and Sony, which tend to release fully polished. My guess is that they follow a production process centered on outcomes rather than timelines or budget.

    Apple Arcade is the company’s first real foray into serious game publishing. It’s not surprising that they running into many of the same problems that other publishers have been dealing with over the last decade. Add to that the fact that most of these games are multi platform and are available on iOS only because of Apple’s investment — clearly the priority is elsewhere.

    That said, there’s definitely room for improvement. Apple should push their developers to improve QC specifically for iOS. They should have more “priority iOS” releases (sucks that we have to wait for Sony to get Pathless). And they should do more to market the games outside of the Apple bubble and especially in the gaming press — it’s amazing how often AA games are covered only when they release on Switch or PC. Raising the profile of AA releases will only put more pressure on developers to get it right on the platform from the get-go.
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    Just beat level 3 without a problem — whatever bugs there were seem to have been taken care of.
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    Sep 5, 2011
    Sorry guys, i play on iPhone 11 Pro Max and the game overheats after a few minutes. Happens same to you? Thanks!
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    My iPhone XS gets warm but not uncomfortably hot.
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    One more thing — I’ve found that you can improve performance during fights by turning off Camera Shake.

    Also, the control layout is fully customizable, and it’s definitely worth your time to find your most comfortable arrangement. Frankly, I found the standard layout kind of a mess. This one is almost perfect for me:

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    iOS 14 Beta 6 fixed the video playback bug and the game is now working fine. :)
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    Just beat the main storyline — took about 7 hours. Great game. It plays like a more accessible Devil May Cry. Would have appreciated a somewhat better framerate, and I may go back and do the replay missions if the dev does a performance update. As it is, though, it was still fun to play.
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    I finally downloaded over the weekend and, boy howdy, it’s a really fine game. About half way through and loving it. The only issues I came across was some weird stuttering as you changed zones. Nothing relating to gameplay though. yet another game that answers the question “what’s the big deal with Apple Arcade?”
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    I m actually having good fun with this game (playing it with xbox controller) but downside is a battery drainer which I am not surprised of sadly!

    anyway so far finished the first 3 levels and enjoyed my time with it
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    Took me about 7 hours to beat it (though I haven’t 100% it). Definitely a fun game.

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