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    so there is less than a handful of competitors for apples PMP. and so far ipod has owned them all.
    this one seems to have a good start.. even tho if this is what they are going to bring out this year and depending on the price.. it maybe next year it will have the hardware to compete.. ( there is rumor of a better model of this but no paper trailer so as far as im concern its vaporware.. and this is there offering ) i really hope it dose.. competition is great for the end user in the end.

    if this is cheap enough i may get it just to play with android. however, if its same price of a ipod touch.. then i would have to say i would go with the ipod at this point and time. i wonder how well the GPS will work.. would be cool if this device made apple put gps into the touch.. oo what will happen in the years to come.. will apple still be on top? or... guess ill rent you my time machine to find out.. i charge a dollar two nighty eight a hour.


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