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    May 31, 2018
    Check out my app Strike Galaxy Attack- Chicken Invaders [Exclusive on SellMyApp]
    Strike Galaxy Attack is a best fast-paced top-down view space shooter war game template.This game requires quick reflexes and coherent thinking. You must be able to memorize the shape of the invaders. Then you have the opportunity to win this aggressive and powerful army.

    In the game, you will be the hero who rescued and wiped out the invaders from the galaxy. Are you ready to become a hero? Fight for the freedom of the galaxy!

    *19/06/2018 : Add back button as requested by the buyer

    *25/06/2018: Fixed some minor bugs

    – Unity 5.6.3f1 (64bit) or higher(Also support Unity 2017)

    – High quality images optimized for all screen sizes from tablet to mobile (iphoneX,Galaxy S9..etc)

    – Two extremely fun modes: Adventure and Endless

    – 23 levels in adventure mode and hundreds of waves enemies in endless mode are ready to publish, also fighting boss included

    – 3 Fighter with 12 levels of bullet each type, enough to accompany you through the galaxy

    – Leaderboard global ranking to compare your high score with everyone

    – Admob

    – UnityAds

    – In Apps Purchase

    – Lucky Wheel

    – Daily bonus Gold

    – Free Golds with Unity Ads

    – Continue game with Unity Ads

    – The next level will be updated continuously periodically based on our data. You will be able to upgrade it for free at no extra charge (except for the purchase fee per lisense).

    – All plugins: Admob, Unity, IAP, GooglePlay Service have been integrated in the project. There are specific instructions for building Android and iOS in the tutorial document (This will be useful for newbies)

    – 24/7 professional support. Respond to messages within 1 hour (except when we sleep)

    – Commit to support until the app publishes on AppStore and GooglePlay

    # Tutorial document includes:

    – Configure plugin components (Admob, Unity, IAP, Leaderboard…)

    – How to reskin / how to add levels / waves

    – Build Android,iOS tutorial and files needed

    have been included in this game project. At the path: Assets-> Strike Galaxy Attack-ChickenInvader Document.docx

    Link APK Demo

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