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    Dec 29, 2014
    Sahih Bukhari is a book of Hadith collected by Imam Bukhari (R.A). The book is divided into different topics so it is very hard to search for any Hadith from that big collection. We provide you a smart phone application with complete series of Sahih Bukhari book. You may read, share and bookmark any Hadith you want and also provide you an ease by giving you the feature of searching Hadith. The user may search Hadith by just adding a word or a phrase and also may add a reference number I n the search bar to check the authenticity of the Hadith. “Hadith of the Day” feature is also provided to provide you daily Hadith with remainder to remind you about reading Hadith. Sahih Bukhari in English would guide you the right path of Islam and will also teach you something new every day. To have this elegant application links are given below:

    Some of the main features of the application are listed below:

    • Complete Sahih Bukhari Books.
    • Introduction of Sahih Bukhari Hadith collection.
    • “Hadith of the Day” to provide daily Hadith.
    • Social Media Sharing.
    • Bookmarking to review and share Hadith later.
    • Instructions about how to use app.

    You can have this app for Android by clicking the link given below:
    Download Bukhari Sharif for Android

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