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Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by LordCrom, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Mar 5, 2009
    ohhh! interesting i played Saga in its beta which was a decent game (just dont have time for another mmo) so an iphone/touch ver could be very cool
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    Mar 5, 2009
    This is seriously going to be a great game so keep your eyes on it. Its being designed by the Dev team of Saga which is an MMORTS. if you have never checked out Saga you should. the dev team are great i have talked with them several times myself.

    here is more info on saga tactics From the saga forums.

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    Saga Tactics FAQ

    Postby Slava on Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:16 pm
    What are the system requirements to play Saga Tactics?
    Saga tactics does not have traditional system requirements because it is not a down loadable game. Saga Tactics is played using either an iPhone, iPod Touch or an Internet Browser on either a Mac or PC.

    How long will a typical game of Tactics take?
    The current design should allow a typical game to complete in about 10 minutes, however you may spend many hours over your army design.

    Can players using an iPhone play against those using a PC or Mac?

    When will Saga Tactics be released?
    Quoting my favorite MMORTS company, it will be released when its finished, however we expect Beta early Q2 2009

    How many games will I need to win before I can afford a unit?
    It depends on the unit, however 1 or 2 wins should be enough for the most basic units, while many more will be needed for a dragon.

    How much cash will a unit in Saga Tactics cost?
    All units may be purchased for gold which is awarded for winning PvP matches. Should you choose to spend real money instead, the most basic unit should cost about a dime, while the most expensive may be a dollar or two.

    How can I win any gold without first having any units?
    All accounts will be given enough units to create a starting army.

    How does the game decide who I am matched against?
    Saga tactics uses the ELO rating system and tries to match players against those with similar ratings.

    How long will it take for a unit to gain levels?
    Early levels will come quickly, about once per game win, while going from level 24 to 25 may take up to 10 games.

    How much more powerful will a unit become when it levels?
    Gear has a much greater impact on a units power than do levels. A unit at level 25 will have an advantage over the same unit at level 10, however that advantage will not be overwhelming.

    How much impact will a equipment have?
    Equiment will greatly increase the effectiveness of units and in many cases will imbue them with special powers and open up new strategies.

    How many units will Saga Tactics have at release?
    Saga Tactics will be released with 68 unique units.

    Are more units planned?
    Many future expansions are planned and already in the works.

    Will Saga Tactics work on any other mobile OS?
    Not at release but as iPhone competitors become more popular it is certainly something we will revisit.

    Will I be able to play against the AI?
    Players will be able to practice against the AI, however doing so will not effect your ranking nor earn any gold. You will also be able to play in Hotseat mode allowing you to test two of your armies against each other in a what if scenario or against a friend.
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    This would be my kinda game! I am a big WoW player so I would love to check this out if it came to iphone
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    Feb 20, 2009
    So, once you lose the intial pool of units due to being a clumsy noob, you have to pay so that you'd have anything to continue playing with? Is that right?
    And players with bought elite units are going to be matched against folks with the same ranking who only had the default set?! Thus creating "demand" for units purchased extra. Milking, much?
  6. kirothak

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    Mar 5, 2009
    hmm where are you getting this from? no where does it say anything about unit perma death.....

    And as for ppl spending money they can't get anything a normal player couldn't unlike most micro transaction games where the "cash shop" is completely game breaking and kills any chance of balance. like any ranking system if someone pays and has better units he would quickly shoot up in ranks to be with others of the same strength. thats the whole point of a ranking system. so the matches agenst less prepared ppl would be minimal.

    As for the WoW comparison thats not a good comparison this is a tactics style game more akin to final fantasy tactics. Kinda like reing of swords but with more depth as units have equipment and lvls. and entirely multiplayer and free

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