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Rush Rats is the amazing new Maze game that introduces you to Reggie the Rat!

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Rush Rats is the amazing new Maze game that introduces you to Reggie the Rat!

Reggie is rushing through London trying to find his way around underground. Help Reggie move from one station to another as quickly as possible!

You’ll have to be clever, work out your route, and move as fast as you can. Get more Rat Bucks by finishing levels quickly and collecting lost property items along the way!

As well as a fantastic Maze game you are getting a fun souvenir of London! Packed with famous London icons you know and love. Spot the double decker bus and black cabs whiz past while you are above ground.


‘Really cool app. Fun and addictive. Definitely recommend it. Check it out. Easy to pick up and play!’

‘Hours of entertainment, you’re bound to get hooked!’

‘Love it!!!’


Cool Rat Graphics – including Reggie the Rat, and Reggie’s friends Ratina the Rat, Suited commuter Rats, & Punk Rats... watch out for them though, they will slow you down!

Spot Celebrities - ‘Michael Ratson’, ‘Ratilyn Monroe’ and 'Ratman'

Lost Property – Find and Collect items on some levels, dotted around the platforms. Collect teddy bears, umbrellas and hats to earn more Rat bucks. If you get lucky and find a lost property room you will get heaps of Rat bucks for the items you find there... Woohooo!

Tickets – on some levels you’ll have to collect tickets to get through the gates

Map – when you get lost and you know you will! Flip to the map on each level to help you find your way. Check out the coloured doors and work out your route.

Sound Track – cool music to keep you going


Doors – use the coloured doors to get from one platform to another

Stairs – go up and down stairs as quick as you can

Escalators – the relaxed way to get around. Plan carefully as they only go one way!

Lifts – Step into the lifts for speedy up and down travel

Trains – These are the best fun!


The more you play the more Rat bucks you will get!

Save up £100,000 Rat Bucks and win yourself a skateboard, so you can whiz around and rush past fellow commuters, don’t let them slow you down!

Save up £300,000 rat Bucks and win yourself a cool Jetpack! Get around in style and cheat your way through the game... cheeky!

If you’re really in a Rush, Splash some Cash, go shopping & buy these items straight away.


Mission – Get Reggie the Rat from the left hand station, underground and then above ground to the right hand station as fast as you can!

Left and Right – Use the red triangle buttons to move Reggie left and right and to move through levels on the level selector page (bottom left and right corners of the screen).

Action Button – Use the round blue Rush Rats action button (above left triangle button). Use this to select levels, go through doors, go up and down stairs, get in lifts, and get on trains

Jet Pack Action Button – Really cool, use this to fire the jetpack (above right triangle button).

Map Button – Use this when you get lost (top right hand corner). Check out the coloured doors and work out your route.

Tickets – On some levels collect 5 blue and white tickets to get you through the gates

Lost Property – Collect lost property items to get Rat Bucks.

Exit Signs – Follow the exit signs to win the level. Beware they do not always point the right way!


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Reggie the Rat

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