Run-O-Saur dropped to FREE!

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  1. You're the last dinosaur left on the planet - run around dodging asteroids and crushing cities before you go extinct!

    - HD graphics
    - Upgrade your dinosaur's stats
    - Upgrade the cities for more points when you crush them
    - Highscores to compete against other players
    - Social sharing
    - Achievements

    We would REALLY appreciate if people could let us know if highscores work and what device you used. We have had problems with them in previous versions and don't have our own device to test with so are crossing our fingers at this point!

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  2. mr_bez

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    Dec 20, 2012
    I was able to submit a score (iPhone 5S, iOS8.0.2), but not sure what the benefit is. As far as I can tell I can only see the Top 5 scores worldwide, so I have no idea of my standing and no idea of friends' scores either.

    It's also frustrating having to manually submit each high score and reenter my name every time.

    Why not use Game Center instead?
  3. Hi mr_bez. Firstly; thanks for playing! We used outsider highscores rather than Game Centre so that high scores could be cross-platform. We fully intend to switch our games to Game Centre in the future, however for early release we like to use our own system.

    I am happy to hear the scores worked, though. We have had problems with them for months now, so it is a huge relief to hear they are finally running on iOS!

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