iPad Run N Run (By BroadconHC)

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    Run, Jump, Slide, and Ride!
    Enjoy the running game with characters based on Fantasy story.

    ☆☆ Not Just Your Typical Running Game! ☆☆
    RunNRun - Prologue : the beginning - is not just your everyday forever running game!
    With adorable characters full of personality, RunNRun is a unique place you will truly enjoy running through! Jump and Silde over vary passages and odd obstacles that block your way!
    Reach for all the coins floating in the sky and you might get lucky and catch one of the special power up items!

    ☆☆ How Long Can You Run For?☆☆
    Take a variety of Cute Characters through the different environments of Runtheland, from the Spooky forest to the Heart Castle, and even to Sugarland !

    ☆☆ Character Switch System☆☆
    If your cuties do not have enough HP during the game, Switch the button to Take 100% HP character!!!

    ☆☆ Run, Ride, Fly and Paddle a boat☆☆
    Not only Running… Sometimes you can ride the beast and Fly with cute monsters… Boat sometimes comes Out!!

    ☆☆ You can change New Costumes to your characters!! Oh!! You have Pet!! ☆☆
    Choose one of Cute Characters with lots of Costumes… Also, you can choose a variety of Pets while you are running

    ☆☆ Compete with Your Friends and the World! ☆☆
    Check how far your friends got on their journey to find the witch in the Rankings area.
    It's a battle of stamina to see who can get the furthest! What's more, you can even compete with the world! See how well your Characters does in comparison with all the other Users around the world!

    * Questions? Technical Issues? Email us! - [email protected]
    * RunNRun - Prologue : the beginning - is part of a bigger community of games at BroadCON. “Like” BroadCON on Facebook to receive RunNRun updates and news! - https://game.nanoo.so/RunNRun
    * BroadCON Official Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/BroadconHc https://game.nanoo.so/RunNRun
    * BroadCON Official Twitter Page - https://twitter.com/broadconhc
    * Developer : BroadCON

    * Download Link : https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/run-n-run-running-crews/id986688310?l=en&mt=8

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