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[GRAND OPEN] It’s Show time! You are now summoned to ROYAL CROWN - a fantasy Battle Royale to see who is most fit to su…
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[GRAND OPEN] It’s Show time! You are now summoned to ROYAL CROWN - a fantasy Battle Royale to see who is most fit to survive! Survive and adventure through a beautiful fairytale themed fantasy battlefield! Wait, here's a tip to help you survive better before you 'Freefall'! 1. Intense Survival Match with up to 30 Players! To become the winner of this fantasy battlefield, you should never stop your effort to be the best. You can either engage in battle from the start to aim for victory, or hide in the bushes to evade powerful enemies, while planning out your glorious future. Place wards to watch over other players, and check for incoming ambushes. Use fences, bushes, and other obstacles to enjoy your survival battle to its best! 2. Various Modes : Squad/Duo/Solo/Custom Select a game mode based on what you like! For team play modes, you can diversify your survival tactics depending on the team composition. In addition, you can trade items between teammates, and also rescue them with First Aid or Resurrection. Other event modes are also coming up, so look forward for it! 3. 20 Different Champions. Play Each Champion with Unique Characteristics! Champion classes are divided into [Warrior/Sniper/Assassin/Support/Mage/Tank]. Each champion has unique skills, so play your character according to your strategy! Do you want to personalize your champion with unique looks? Then try out costumes and accessories in game to decorate your champion! 4. Plan Your Survival Tactic with Equipment, Food, and Consumables! Say no more to dull battles and farming! There are loads of different craftable items such as bombs, food and equipment! Search for rare craft materials, or hunt down different monster in the field to collect what you need! There’s even a legendary dragon, that you should never dare to face alone, lying dormant somewhere. Craft and collect items needed for survival and use them to optimize your tactics! Respond to the call of the new fantasy battlefield filled with battles and adventures for survival. Can you become the hero in this world of small villages, canyons, and deadly deserts? Come freefall to ROYAL CROWN! [Smartphone App Access Permission Notification] - Microphone (RECORD_AUDIO) This permission is required to send voice messages in chat, and real-time voice chat between party and guild members.
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Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Apr 28, 2020
Updated:Jun 29, 2021
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