Ronnie Robot- exploration learning game for kids 3-8!

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    Ronnie Robot is game designed to promote exploration and collaborative play for kids, ages 3-8. Children are given their very own robot to care for and guide through a fun and fanciful world in which they can build houses, drive cars, plant trees and more. Ronnie Robot features an intuitive and immersive control scheme designed to appeal to both toddlers as well as older children. Simply tap Ronnie and immediately start exploring the village in open ended game play. Watch as Ronnie goes through different emotions as situations change. Through various actions, children will learn about cause and effect, real-time problem solving and experience the joy of exploration. Multiple robots can be played with in a single play session, promoting cooperation and collaborative play between children. Kids will love the customization choices which will allow them to create a robot as unique and special as the child who created it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    – Teaches children cause and effect and real time problem solving
    – No third party advertisements, so you are free to play without interruption
    – “Collaborative” multi player action, more than one player can use the iPad at the same time
    – There is always something new to explore through a multitude of customization choices
    – No written or spoken language, this app is accessible to children all over the world
    – Suitable for toddlers
    – Kids can play and interact, or they can just watch Ronnie explore
    – Available on all iPads, including iPad 1

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