iPhone Ronnie Robot, an indie exploration game for your kids!

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    Ronnie Robot coming to the iPad App Store November of 2014!

    site: http://www.ronnierobot.com
    trailer: http://www.ronnierobot.com/#ronnie-robot-trailer

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    – Tap Ronnie and immediately start exploring the village in open ended game play
    – Watch as Ronnie goes through different emotions as situations change
    – No third party advertisements, so you are free to play without interruption
    – “Collaborative” multi player action, more than one player can use the iPad at the same time
    – There is always something new to explore through a multitude of customization choices
    – No written or spoken language, localized for all languages
    – Suitable for players ages 3 and up
    – Kids can play and interact, or they can just watch Ronnie explore
    – Available on all iPads, including iPad 1

    Ronnie Robot is made by developers who are dedicated to creating quality software that also encourages creativity and responsibility. Children of all ages are enjoying Ronnie Robot.

    [B]Full Press kit and screenshots here:[/B]

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    No no no it looks like a great game but for kids plzzzzz make it for teens

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