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    Feb 19, 2010
    Hairy Monster Studios has released Roll Em Hoops HD their latest game made exclusively for the iPad.

    Roll Em Hoops HD is not just another arcade basketball game. It’s a different twist combining Skee-Ball like play with the classic basketball shooting games.

    In Roll Em Hoops HD you flick your finger to roll the ball up the alley into one of five hoops racking up points and unlocking unique and humorous bonus levels such as Rainbow Jumpers, COW, We’ve Got Spirit and Bombs Away.

    Roll Em Hoops HD is made exclusively for the iPad with gorgeous graphics and the Ageia PhysX Engine one of the most advanced physics engines for the iPad. The ball rolls, bounces and interacts with its environment in an ultra-realistic manner.

    Roll Em Hoops HD has built in Facebook integration so you can brag about your scores to your friends along with local and global leader boards. The global leader boards feature all-time, last week and last 24 hour high score tracking.

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