iPad Roll a Stone updates - free version now offers ALL 30 levels!

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    Both the free version and the paid version of Roll a Stone are now essentially the same game, except that the paid version offers the Internet multiplayer feature called Netplay. This means both versions now offer 30 different levels to play through, of which some are huge.

    The free version had only 2 different levels in the past and was then called Roll a Stone Lite. Since it now offers all 30 levels, I dropped the Lite word and it is now called Roll a Stone. The paid version is called Roll a Stone Netplay and was before called Roll a Stone. Previous buyers of the paid version will of course still get the paid version when updating.

    If you are interested, I recommend you to download the free version Roll a Stone first. If you then would like to submit your recorded game play and play against other players on the Internet in a ghost multiplayer mode, you might want to check out the Netplay version. The Netplay version will be further developed with more community features, but both versions will from now on feature the same number of levels. I'm also currently working on more levels.

    Here is a guide to all the levels:

    1: The first level. Take all the yellow stars as quickly as possible. You must get more than 0 points to get to the next level.
    2: You need to find a red star to pass through the red wall. Once you pass through you will get 2000 extra points.
    3: The stone is really heavy in this level.
    4: You need the red star and the blue star to pass the red wall and the blue wall.
    5: Some walls are missing. You will have to make it without them.
    6: This is a very fast track and has only one star at the end. How fast can you go?
    7: No walls... at all. The stone is really heavy and hard to stop.
    8: Get through the red wall as fast as possible. You don't have much time.
    9: Get through the red wall as quickly as possible. You get extra score when you do.
    10: This map is formed in the letters A B C D E F.
    11: A BIG map. Can you make it in time?
    12: A big circle of stars.
    13: Spirals. Get the green star to get to the red star.
    14: It's just one yellow star in this level, but it is far away.
    15: It is tricky to find the blue star. Good luck.
    16: No walls, but the stone is really fast.
    17: There are MANY stars to take in this level.
    18: Like a racing track, but you need to take it in the right direction.
    19: This level has many red walls.
    20: Find the red, green and blue stars as quicky as possible. You get extra score when you pass through the blue wall.
    21: This level introduces the white all. It will really bounce you away.
    22: A room with white walls and full of stars.
    23: Long corridors with many stars.
    24: Watch out for the white walls!!!
    25: A short level with a few stars.
    26: Yikes, don't touch the walls!
    27: Seems to be quite simple, but be careful.
    28: Red, green, blue walls and a lot of stars.
    29: Small corridors.
    30: Small levels with many stars.

    Lars Forsberg / the developer

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