iPad Rogue Touch V1.1 Submitted to Apple

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    Rogue Touch Version 1.1 was submitted to Apple in the wee hours of this morning (2/25) after days of hard work, and I think everyone will be quite pleased with the results. :D Not only did we get in all of our planned features and enhancements, but a few last minute suggestions as well!

    Update- Apple Accepted Rogue Touch V1.1 at 8:30PM EST Sunday 3/1/09... The new version should be available to download within the next few hours!! :D

    Here are a few sample pictures to whet your appetite, wth more details below:

    Look at those doors in the mini map overlay... Oh and what is that in the bottom? Experience Points? And is that an iPod Playing Icon at the top of the screen?

    Me trying out as an extra for "The Blob Returns"

    Settings for Version 1.1. Now you can play it your way ;)

    Version 1.1 Upgrade:
    * Door locations shown on mini-map overlay.
    * Music On/Off Option- Play your own music-in game! (Also observes the iPhone silent switch to turn off audio)
    * Fast-Play Option- double tap in the direction you'd like to keep running in. Your character will go until he reaches an obstacle or passes something interesting (doors, treasure, stairs, a monster that wants to kill him!).
    * Quick Shoot/Throw/Zap Option- while wielding a ranged weapon, tap its icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the direction selector. Less tapping means more killing!
    * Numeric Experience Option- Show the current experience and amount required for next level/rank of your character at the bottom of the screen. Use it wisely while monster hunting!
    * Vibration Option- turn off vibrations if they are not desired (great if you want to play while sitting in meetings!)
    * Remembers your last used character name, no need to type unless you want to try another name.
    * 2 new potions: Hallucination: found in a few Rogue variants. Drinking it is probably not wise. The other is a secret one of our own design... You'll either love it or hate it. Maybe both :)
    * 2 new weapons: Katana and shurikens!
    * 2 new armors: Ninja Suit (shozoku) that provides stealth, but offers little protection, and Elfin chain mail, which is stronger than basic chain mail and cannot rust!
    * Small tweaks for saved game handling.
    * Better Chance of "super" weapons and equipment (powerful damage bonuses or special abilities). When descending to a level that has a super item you'll "sense powerful magic on this floor" :)

    We're hoping it will be available at the end of this week if Apple hurries the approval process along. Please ask if you have further questions or comments on the features in this great update!!! Once this one is in your hands we'll be starting a poll or two for new features in version 1.2... Not that we need any more ideas, but we want to hear YOURS :D

    I'll post a few more interesting pictures shortly :cool:
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    Nov 3, 2008
    Yay! I picked up 1.0 on the app store this morning and haven't been able to put it down. These improvements look great.

    If I can suggest something for 1.2, I'm not sure if it was available in the original Rogue, but I think a message history would be helpful.
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    Nov 16, 2008
    The thing I get paid for
    Cant wait for the upgrade ---- its great to know that you devs are listening to us ---I am proud to support you guys ---- I will wait with baited breath.
  4. CommanderData

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    I'm glad to hear that we're keeping people on the edge of their seat! There was a lot of hard work to get this ready in time (if I didn't have that darn day-job it'd be a whole lot easier). I have a few more teaser pics to spread out here... We took so many over the last few days it's tough to sort through the mess!

    Here's something interesting... This guy is carrying a superweapon that allows him to see further in the darkness than your average +1, +1 Mace. On closer inspection that weapon and armor are not familiar :D
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    Jan 19, 2009
    Looks cool -- any chance at a sale soon?
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    A tip o' the hat to Moria, eh? Cool. Artifacts w/o the ability to level scum equals GOOD FUN!
  7. CommanderData

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    Yes indeed, it will be good fun! Let's take a closer look at this guy and see what he's carrying.... Some hot goodies in his inventory! What the heck is that sword, it's got a stack of adjectives on it?!?!
  8. Kirtas

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    Jan 11, 2009
    Awesome! Can't wait for the new update.
    Thanks for bringing it out so quickly.
  9. CommanderData

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    Sorry I didn't answer the couple of questions, I was digging for the next picture. Since I cant find it yet (Jessica's looking on her Mac now)...

    The message history- I think some variants had a scrolling window where you could look at previous messages, but most of them showed a single line of text with a -more- at the end which meant to hit a key to see the rest of the line. We figured two lines would eliminate that little design flaw! Right now there's no buffer for the messages, once the slide up they're free electrons :D We might be able to make that scrollable in the future with some hard work though.

    Pricing- we're still at our introductory price of $2.99, and probably will be going up after version 1.2 (the next one after this pending upgrade). I think it'll be a while though so you still have some time to consider... we're trying to support this the best we can and provide everyone with a quality game. Hopefully you'll get a chance to try it and agree :D
  10. CommanderData

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    Ok, finally found that picture I was looking for...

    The advantages of being the developer of Rogue Touch... I can give myself a nice toothpick to try out. Purely for playtesting purposes of course. I'm not afraid of Griffins. Really! :D

  11. GRIFFIN SLAYING! Oh, those bastards are in for it now, I tell you what. Kill me on level 19? We'll see about that!

    Definitely looking forward to this sweet update. There's enough in there that it might even be worth an update review.
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  13. Possibly a bit like it, though in Rogue the dungeons are all dynamically generated.
  14. Brinkman

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    same with DR
  15. CommanderData

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    Well then it's probably a *lot* like it. Except in a pretty, full color, animated dress! Seriously, if you like those style of games you really need to try out Rogue Touch :D

    Edit- read the rest of the wikipedia article, it's definitely got its roots in Rogue. The more I look at it I may have even briefly played that version on a friend's 512K Mac!

    If you have any specific questions about our game, please ask!
  16. MNFats

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    Jan 7, 2009


    Two things for you:


    My hats off to you sir! Thank you for working your a.. off to get out an update!

    The game is great... was great and I'm sure with this update will be even better. Thank you for listening to us and for your loyalty to your fans.


    I enjoy your humor about your avatar in the game... my question is... are you leading to something?

    You know that some of the older versions of Rogue had some hidden gems in there when you would input the right username... ;)

    There seems to be some hints in the info/help screens that there are some codes/easter eggs, hiding in this game too. Is this the case?:D

    Either way... I'm still bown away by the pic where you are on lvl 3 in some sort of treasure room with a bunch of blobs... I thought I was searching enough... i guess I've gotta dive a little deeper into the search function!!!

    okay... enough typing... time to play some RT!

    p.s. I can't wait to see what gets added in the future...
  17. CommanderData

    CommanderData Well-Known Member

    MNFats, you're definitely onto something there :D

    If you missed it in the large thread I gave away one "easter egg" to people about food problems and starvation! Here it is again, for anyone who may have missed it: When you are starting a new game, name your character "Fat Bastard" (same case, no quotes) and then check your inventory... you should have enough food to keep you going for a while ;)

    There will be a number of surprises like that in the update that's coming out! I am glad that everyone here has been very supportive. This game would be nothing without all you great fans!!! It definitely makes me want to work that hard again for the next update :D

    Spread the word! I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum! ;)
  18. MNFats

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Damn strait, ComanderData! :)

    I like your style!

    Cheers Mate!
  19. Kirtas

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    Jan 11, 2009
    Hahaha, this is new.

    I just ate a mushroom and it turns out that mushroom is a bit more "magic" then usual. The floor turned to grass and everything became "very beautiful" as the hero quotes.
    Gold turns into flowers and monsters into Unicorns. It lasts for a few dozen turns until you once again "regain and grip on reality".
  20. CommanderData

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    Hey, you ate the magic mushroom finally! That's one of many little touches that we've had lurking under the hood since day one. Version 1.1 will bring a few more of those Ha Ha moments, along with some genuinely useful and deadly equipment :D

    Glad you're enjoying it! Fingers crossed that the update is approved by Apple before the weekend...

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