Universal RocketPack Kid (by Tocodev)

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    We're happy to present our newest title, RocketPack Kid! We had fun putting this game together for you and hope you have fun playing it! Thanks!
    RocketPack Kid
    RocketPack Kid is a fast-paced action game for iOS where you will need quick reaction time to launch RocketPack Kid into the heavens. Propel RocketPack Kid to new heights using speed and dexterity to fuel his ascent!

    Drag fuel rods to RocketPack Kid to add thrust. Orange fuel rods add a small amount of thrust. Green fuel rods add a large amount of thrust. Fuchsia fuel rods actually take away some thrust - avoid these!
    Watch out for asteroids! These will destroy a fuel rod on contact!

    Scan the skies quickly and fuel RocketPack Kid's rocket pack to launch him to new heights.

    RocketPack Kid launches THIS WEEK for iOS and Android.
    Have fun!


    Thanks from Tocodev!

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