Rockabilly Beatdown

Pick up your ticket to punch town, and don’t forget to pack your fists! Rockabilly Beatdown is an “endless puncher.” Se…
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Pick up your ticket to punch town, and don’t forget to pack your fists! Rockabilly Beatdown is an “endless puncher.” See how long you can survive a constant, ever growing stream of enemies by punching like your life depends on it - because it does! You’ve got to think fast and hit faster to last as long as you can. Every connected punch is the one that keeps you on your feet and only the best brawlers can brag about bringin' the boom... Will you go down in history as the one punch who pummeled them all? FEATURES: - Three heroes ready to throw down! Choose from Kimber Killjoy, Ace Knuckles, or Bruiser McFist! - Loads of endless enemies are out to get you, with bosses tossed in for double trouble! - All manner of crazy cool levels to punch your way through! - Every punch builds towards your super move: PUNCHTASTIC! - Punch tires to call in your ultimate HOTROD power up! - Keep an eye out for lifesaving pick-ups and enemies for special bonuses! - Tally up your totals and collect Fist Rewards after every game! - Super sweet pixel art to channel that classic arcade action feel! - Unlock costume colors and more special levels through gameplay! Load up, lock in, and get ready to work those guns - yer' gonna need ‘em to be the best! OPTIONAL IN-APP-PURCHASES: - Goldie Luxe Pack: Includes new hero Goldie Luxe with two levels: The Lumbearmill and Lumbermare with Lumbearjack enemies! - Jenna Von Jett Pack: Includes new hero Jenna Von Jett and two levels: Creepy Catacombs with Katacomb Krew enemies and Himalayan Hideaway with West Side Swamis enemies! - Kondo Kazuki Pack! Includes new hero Kondo Kazuki and two levels: Jigoku Station with Sinister Salarymen enemies and Bushido Bullet with Kawaii Killers enemies! - Werewolf Attack Pack: Monster skins for Ace Knucles and Manny Switchblade and a new level: Rooftop Rummage with Hockney Hoggers enemies. Also includes special Monster Hotrod! - In-App Purchases are for your enjoyment of new heroes and levels; core gameplay is not affected or enhanced.
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:May 18, 2016
Updated:Oct 19, 2019
Size:516.1 MB
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