Rock the Ball-Slide Block to Unblock Puzzle

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    Feb 13, 2016
    Rock the ball is a Slide Puzzle game. Sliding the blocks to solve puzzle is a challenge yourself. If you really enjoy in solving the puzzle then Rock the Ball is best for you. Here main goal is to unblock the pathway by sliding the others blocks around the board in any directions and to reach the target block but fixed blocks will not move. To unblock the pathway help you to train your brain. Best educational game for kids and adult as to unblock the pathway require thinking power. Rock the Ball is an easy to learn but hard to train.
    Download Free: Rock the Ball
    How to play:
    -Sliding Puzzle just move the blocks out of ways to unblock game.
    -Puzzle game brainstorming game for puzzle solver
    -A brain teaser game requires thinking power to solve puzzle.
    -Hidden object game where goal is to unblock the pathway to reach the goal block.
    -Easy to Learn Game
    Following features of Rock the ball are mentioned below.
    -Millions of Exciting Levels has been introduced.
    -No time Restrictions for player feel comfortably.
    -Great and beautiful sound effects.
    -No require Wi-Fi you can play offline.
    -Daily Reward bonus Game.
    -Best educational game for all especially for kids.
    -Beautiful eye-catching leather board graphics display.
    -Your game progress is being saved online with Google Play.
    -No hints, you cannot use any hints.
    -Rock the ball Game supported both smart android phone and tablets
    Player of this Game Rock the ball should be careful about ‘Save’ and ‘load’ button it works only once.
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    :) Very good, puzzle games are much more interested nowadays! Especially in Android.

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