Roboticon (free): A multi-mode puzzle game with robots (by Pixelbyte Studios)

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    I just released this about a week ago for Android and hope you will give it a go. One of my goals was for it to be fun for both kids and adults to play. Thanks!

    Roboticon Corporation makes robots. Lots of them. As a quality control consultant, your job is to spot the rogue robots. For your trouble you will be awarded roboti-coins which can be used to unlock other game modes. Your concentration and attention to detail will be stretched to the max as each level becomes more difficult. Play alone or with a friend for maximum fun! Are you up to the challenge? Play your way to a better brain in this multi-mode spot the difference puzzler.


    • Multiple game modes (Timed Match, Find the Suspects, Hide N Seek, Missing Pieces, Memory Game, Robo-synth)
    • Selectable color schemes
    • Kid Mode option so kids can have fun too
    • Different robots available in the store plus more coming (PC/Mac/Linux version includes all robots)
    • Fun to play with a group of people

    Google Play

    Amazon App Store

    Roboticon Page on the Pixelbyte Website

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