Robot Factory -- Coming Soon!

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    Sep 19, 2009

    Build robots!

    This is an irresistibly cute and adorably action game - <Robot factory>.

    During the game, different robot parts are falling down. Players have to build robots by joining all 4 of their same-colored parts together. The more times you build the colored robot in the same platform, the higher the bonus points.

    Don't let the screen fill up with robot parts.
    Players can use Bombs to clear unwanted parts, and Recycle Tool to recover parts on the platform.

    <Robot Factory> will be the cutest and most relaxing touch game in your iPhone.

    - Extremely comical and cute.
    - Easy to play, anyone can get used to in under 10 seconds.
    - Hours of replay value.
    - Complete against plays all over the world.

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