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  1. dogface

    dogface Well-Known Member

    Best film ever. I'm interested in seeing the remake but don't hold much hope.

    Clarence Boddicker was the best bad guy ever:
  2. BrEaKBEaT

    BrEaKBEaT Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2009
    London, UK
    Your post made me spend over an hour watching YouTube clips on Robocop! You're right, Boddicker was quality bad guy!

    Not really sure about a remake though... The original holds up pretty well, an absolute classic with so many strong performances. I'll be so annoyed if we get a pg-13 'family' film, Robocop was raw!

    "Bitches Leave" - Clarence Boddicker :D
  3. Yup. That's a superdope movie.

    I love the movie's poster as well.
    Have it hanging on my wall and look at it everyday while eating.
    I'll still go see the remake.
  4. psj3809

    psj3809 Moderator

    Jan 13, 2011
    I hope the remakes decent, i cant believe the original Robocop came out in 1987 ! Classic film for its time
  5. MicroByte

    MicroByte Well-Known Member

    I almost wish they wouldn't remake some of these movies. In my mind, Robocop was a classic, especially for it's time.

    To this day, i still throw out random quotes from the movie. I love messing with my kids and saying things like "can you fly Bobby?"

    Still, if the remake is good, then so be it. I'm interested and actually have to confess that seeing the new movie poster got me excited.

  6. I've been looking at that new poster for 5 minutes but i can't figure what is pictured on it. Is it some kind of car seat?
  7. MicroByte

    MicroByte Well-Known Member

    Could be back or thigh maybe?
  8. I wanna see a robocop video game on my ipad!
  9. Gryphon

    Gryphon Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2012
    Robocop was for a long time, my favourite movie along with the original total recall.

    Im not sure if I will bother with the remake.
  10. dogface

    dogface Well-Known Member

    I have the original video promo poster framed on a wall in my house. It's awesome!

    I managed to get iMame when it came out, so I can luckily play the Robocop Arcade game on my iCade. It's just like playing it back when I was a wee nipper.

    I recently sold my Robocop blu-ray as the quality was sh**. I will watch the remake but not looking forward to it. They need to remaster the Blu-ray and make sure the remake is good!

    There's some brilliant Robocop stuff on YouTube. Many an hour spent watching clips.
  11. That original video promo poster. Is that the one with him stepping out of the car? I have one with that image. In italian. It says:

    Parte Uomo, Parte Macchina, Tutto Poliziotto.
  12. dogface

    dogface Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's the one. Virgin video release. My gf picked up off EBay for me. Unfortunately, she doesn't share my love for the film!
  13. squarezero

    squarezero Moderator
    Staff Member Patreon Silver

    I had that poster, too -- I got it from a friend who worked in a movie theatre.

    I actually went to see Robocop when it originally released (yeah, I'm that old). Funny thing is, I actually knew nothing about the film or Paul Verhoven. My buddy and I were just in the mood for a dumb film, and we picked the one with the dumbest title in our nearby multiplex. I mean: how could a film called Robocop be anything but schlock?

    About 10 minutes into the film, my friend and I just look at each other, thinking: damn, this is actually a good movie! We were actually a bit disappointed :D. Of course, soon enough Robocop became one of our favorite SF film and we both became big PV fans (well, at least of his genre films, though Showgirls is still a very guilty pleasure).

    BTW, my wife also hates Robocop. She can appreciate the humor and the social commentary, but the violence is way over the top for her. Interestingly enough, Paul Verhoven is one of the few filmmakers who have made their SF universes pretty much egalitarian. In Robocop male and female cops even share the same locker rooms without anyone even blinking, and Starship Troopers puts women in all kinds of combat and authority roles. Even Total Recall lets the women kick ass without being self-conscious about it.
  14. dogface

    dogface Well-Known Member

    I got to see it at the cinema a few months ago as I don't think I would have got in as a seven year old! Everyone was laughing at the one liners and everyone stood up at the end and clapped. Not something I'd witnessed at a cinema before! I saw it originally when I was about 9 and it scared the shit out of me. Left a lasting impression though.
  15. I actually can't remember seeing it for the first time.
    Only that I always looked at the VHS box if I was at the video rental store.
    I was a kid and I was'nt allowed to see it.
    But the back of the box has some gruesome graphics of the bad guy with his face bubbled up. That left an impression!

    And that my friend next door had a robocop toy of that other machine.
  16. dogface

    dogface Well-Known Member

    I remember our local video shop had the poster up for years and I always thought it was so cool. Some people I know paid about £100 for the video at the time!

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