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  1. Every year we spend billions on risk management, often without measuring the effectiveness of those critical risk management initiatives. This book has been designed to help you assess the effectiveness of your risk management and is based on over 50 years of the authors practical experience. Because everyone's time is short, we've condensed those 50 years into 50 pages of practical advice that can be applied immediately. It addresses questions such as: "How do I tell if the $x million spent actually delivered benefits or reduced risk?", "How do I know how my organization is performing against its peers in terms of ROI on risk mitigations?" Using illustrations, examples and appropriate tools, this book offers a range of methods and guiding principles to help develop effective Key Performance Indicators and scorecards which align your risk management processes to organizational objectives.
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    Lol tell me more!

    First time I've seen someone try and spam a forum with a professional textbook (and not even an iBook)! Hats off sir...I commend you!

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