Universal Rise of the Orcs (RTS game for iOS)

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    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id904673862

    - Legendary war between Orcs and Humans!
    - A must try for RTS fans!
    - Epic real time strategy battle system for mobile!
    - Train your units, and wipe out the pesky humans!
    Chieftain, your Orcs are awaiting ! Lead them to victory an fight for the Horde!

    ---- Highlights ----
    * Innovative battle mechanics with challenging strategic game play.
    * Mix and match unit combinations. Create your own personalized Horde army. Develop your own unique strategies.
    * Control your heroes and use their special skills at the right moment to wipe out your foes and destroy the enemy city! Defend your home against the onslaught of the enemies own heroes!
    * Specialize your unit types during battle and adapt your strategy against ever evolving foes.
    * More than 30 levels of rich game play and story with an ever expanding universe. New levels and missions are constantly being developed.
    * Upgrade your heroes, train your troops, loot items, and activate unique packs! You'll have complete freedom to plan your strategy, and build your own unique army. For the Horde!

    ---- Story ----
    Since the dawn of time men have hunted the half-breeds and your kind, the Orcs, have survived only because of the powerful magical energies wielded by their Shaman. But once the Humans discovered Eldanite, a rare mineral that absorbs magical energies, everything changed.

    The Humans forged terrible war golems from the new mineral. Each immune to the Orc’s greatest strength. Millions died in the wars that followed. The few Orcs who survived were enslaved in the Eldanite mines, enduring countless generations of hard labor. All of the Orc's magical knowledge was lost during this dark time.

    A hundred years have elapsed since the Orcs lost their freedom. The Eldanite veins have run dry and once the last ore cart leaves the mountain there will be no more use for Orcs. It is here, on the eve of their inescapable doom, that the fighting spirit stirs once more in the hearts of the oppressed. If only they had a leader...

    Now YOU can save the Orcs from extinction! Liberate the enslaved and lead them to glorious victory!

    Destiny waits for no one. Unite the Half-breed tribes today!
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    This game is pretty interesting. Plays out exactly like RTS with a twist to it. You start out mining for resource just like how it works in most RTS games then start building troops to invade your enemy. But things are much more simplify here as you do not need to group or command your troops where they will move up and attack the closest enemy then slowly push towards enemy base. However you do have a hero where you can control where to move and etc with the ability to trigger the use of his ability whenever available. I think this part is much like a cross hybrid between game like Kingdom Rush? Yet the way you push lane is sorta like a MOBA game and maybe a little similar to game like WarBand in the way the battlefield is being layout. Also instead of upgrading units / hero during the battle, you do it in between the mission before you start one and how far you can level also depend on your player level. You can also equip item for your heroes too to enhance their power. do recommend you guys to give this a try as it is pretty interesting. I am still very early in the game so not sure how it will really play out later into the game. That said I am not really sure about the IAP part either. But game play wise is really pretty interesting.

    Only problem I find so far is the game still a little buggy, for example there is a daily login reward system. I have already gotten reward of the day but it still prompt me for reward. And when I click on it will give me an error then crash my game. Besides that the game still seems to miss certain features too. As I didn't notice if there is any friend list or something where you can maybe challenge friends or something. Or maybe it's there but I simply miss it or have not unlock it since as I have said I am still very early in the game. But since no one is talking about this I thought I wanna share my imp on this one.
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    Thanks for your detailed comment. It's really helpful to get real user feedback. And I'm glad you enjoy the game battle :)

    For the daily sign on bonus system, we do notice the bug and will fix in the next release (expect within 2 weeks due to Apple's review). Hopefully it won't bother you too much.

    We haven't added any friends list yet since we are not sure how people will interact in the game (e.g. what's the result if you "attack" other players? A guild system where friends gather together to attack other guilds might make more sense...). Anyway, we are definitely considering the social part, and it will come out soon when we get enough user feedbacks. Stay tuned :)

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