Rhythm game + anime Tinder! A match made in heaven?

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    Oct 1, 2019

    Hey everybody! We're Glich Gaming and we're the creators of the mobile game Beat-ify.

    Beat-ify is a social network simulator set in an alternate world. We wanted to create a virtual Tinder where you can meet anime waifus. The player can take the girls on dates and treat them to unique ice cream creations. Before each level, the player makes the ice cream from a selection of various ingredients, and these choices influence the music and gameplay.

    The girls will show their appreciation to the player by sharing their thoughts, giving gifts, making bento, and letting the player pick their outfit for the upcoming date.

    The player's main objective is to build relationships with Namiko, Suzume, Aine, and Natasha. And every date increases the player's personal rating. As the rating goes up, the player unlocks more abilities, features, and privileges.


    - Beat-ify combines a dating sim, a rhythm game, and a social network. You need to keep up with the beats and steadily build relationships.

    - When creating ice cream treats, the player has to select the right ingredients to win over their date.

    - The chosen ingredients influence the game's music and gameplay.

    - The player can choose the date location and also give the girls cute outfits to earn valuable bonuses.

    - The number of talents the player can get increases as their personal level goes up. Talents are unique effects that are enabled during dates and on the player's Beat-ify profile. Virtually everything can be upgraded, the player just needs to use their resources wisely.

    - Speed dates offer a chance to compete against other players for the girls' attention. To earn the top spot, players need to create the best ice cream recipe and follow the beat perfectly.

    - This is a fun gateway game for newbies to the rhythm genre, but will offer a satisfying challenge to veteran players too.

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    We will be happy to answer all your questions!
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