Reversion - The Escape by Bulkypix

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    Sep 5, 2012
    Publisher Bulkypix does not stand in place, he always tries to produce every month something new. In the end Bulkypix committed to the publisher of the new quest Reversion - The Escape, developing Studio 3f Interactivo. The story of the game takes place in a hospital You come to yourself and surprised to learn that in the court 2035. Buenos Aires is separated from Argentina, the power in it captured by the military, which, by the way, why you are interested in your humble person. It is clear, wait for questioning you are not going to - well, have to take on the organization of escape. In the end, You need to think of a way to run away from hospitals, communicating with other characters of the game, and the search for useful items. We received a Reversion - The Escape, I will tell you, the quest looks very attractive, beautiful cartoon graphics, challenging puzzles, announced literally all the characters, as well as the support of a large number of languages - 6 pieces - except Russian. Himself quest Reversion - The Escape will be released in the App Store on October 11, wait and see the screenshots.



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