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    Oct 14, 2019
    Hi there!

    We develop hyper-casual games - https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/aleksandr-nechaev/id1407140895 and test them with top publishers (Voodoo, Lions Studio, kwalee, etc). For those who are not familiar with this model: we develop simple games, run tests with publishers, buy traffic, and evaluate the performance of a game (CPI, Retention). After that, they decide what to do next: develop a new game or try to improve the game to get published.

    If the game is published, then publishers pay either a percentage of the profit or a fixed amount. In any case, in almost all situations, this amount is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. On average, we make a game in 2 weeks, but we do not have approved games yet.

    Now I’m looking for Unity developers who are interested in working for the experience and possible earnings (I’m ready to share ideas, pay for a design, assets, etc., everything we need for creating games. This is a partnership relationship: I can not pay for development, however, in case of success we'll share income 50/50).

    P.S. It is worth considering that this is an area where the vast majority of games do not enter, and you should understand the fact that almost every game will have bad results, and we will need to be able to switch and move on to the next game.

    Those who are interested or have any questions - write to me :)

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