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Restaurant Bigwig for iPad is the first business simulation strategy game which uses real industry data to truly simulat…
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Restaurant Bigwig for iPad is the first business simulation strategy game which uses real industry data to truly simulate the excitement and realism of owning and running your own restaurant.

Hire great chefs and managers, or spend your money on expansion? You make the call!

The goal is to achieve the most profit you can by the 20th year of your restaurant empire. It’s seriously addictive.

Years in development, decades in the making, Restaurant Bigwig is now available for your iPad.

Serial entrepreneur and real-life business guru Gary Hoover (who founded Hoover’s, sold to Dun and Bradstreet, and Bookstop, sold to Barnes & Noble) and the team at Bigwig Games have delivered a unique and compelling game that is fun to play, while you can't help but gain an understanding of the restaurant industry, how it works, and how it makes money.

That understanding might just come in handy should you ever decide to open a real restaurant or work in the industry. Then again, you could just become a virtual restaurant bigwig and have fun without the risk!

• Play multiplayer games in passaround mode, sharing the same iPad.

• Compete against distinctly different AI computer opponents anytime and anywhere with no wifi required.

• Build your empire by creating fine dining establishments, family restaurants, or fast food joints.

• Serve your favorite cuisines, from Asian or Mexican food to Steaks and Burgers.

• Open new restaurants quickly, or open them slowly and invest in your older restaurants. Whatever strategy you choose, you are the boss!

• Do you improve the food quality at one of your flagging restaurants, or do you put energy into controlling costs by making your high revenue restaurants more efficient? – Restaurant Bigwig makes running restaurants fun!

• Check out the annual newspaper for important news about your restaurants and those of your competitors. Did you win the award for best service or food, which boosts your revenues? Or did you get a bad review or an awful health inspection report?

• Designed from the ground up for iOS 7 and beyond, the game is a delight to use and play with. Animation, dynamics, and groundbreaking UI concepts offer light entertainment while you go about the serious business of making money. Just don't let the eye candy distract you from your goals!

Restaurant Bigwig, by Bigwig Games
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