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    Relax Firefly - Resting Place $0.99---->FREE (Only 3 days)

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    The number of fireflies on screen is flexible; there may be anywhere from two to six fireflies, depending on personal preference. The users may choose to have a white background and watch their fireflies scurry unlit across their screen, or they may turn the light off using a simple switch in the upper right hand corner. This makes the stage dark, allowing the fireflies to light up as they crawl. Similarly, the user may switch to the nature view, and watch the fireflies fly lit up around a brilliantly simple rendering of the night sky.
    While the fireflies move in random directions on their own, users may also direct their movement by simply placing a finger on the screen. The fireflies will flock to the place of contact and then loyally follow the user's finger as it moves across the screen
    The listening experience is just as flexible as the visual; sounds available to the user consist of nighttime bugs, frogs, chirping birds, rain, and calming music. Relax Firefly is able to provide complete rest to those with especially busy schedules through its optional timer feature.
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    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.

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