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About Red Sparrow

◎Apple App Store "best new game" featured
◎Mass 4.5 stars praise
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About Red Sparrow

◎Apple App Store "best new game" featured
◎Mass 4.5 stars praise
◎Unity recommended

2017's first 3D competitive fighting mobile game, this is a novel game, combined RPG and competitive elements. You can earned high quality equipments through all the difficulties and develop your favorite characters to a fair fighting.
All the characters, actions, scenes and music are original, rich storylines Guide throughout the game, perfectly restored 1V1 FTG games played in the past, we also joined the original "red Sparrow" skills, show the players a new experience of fighting games
The《Red Sparrow》 game characters are all from top designer, the beautifully and delicate characters representing the currently popular "internationalization of China style" , which is attractive to global users.
For fighting games, character gameplay design is our focus, in the development plans, each character has a unique battle gameplay, it can be said that each character represent a whole new gaming experience.

The game features:
wealth of game characters, different story, experiencing twists and turns of the different character's life
Cool special effects, dazzling even strokes, experience the wonderful fighting show
Original operation, powerful ending, find back the happy memories of arcade games
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Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Mar 05, 2017
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal