Red Dart Fighter

It's right around midnight. All is still around the farm. Suddenly the dog's baying at the moon turns into angry barking…
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It's right around midnight. All is still around the farm. Suddenly the dog's baying at the moon turns into angry barking. Is it a tornado?.. But the forecast did not mention a thing!.. "What happened?.." "Wake up! Wake up, daddy! The barn is on fire!"
For a moment there's a dead silence. Then a terrible piercing noise commences. It's the sound of lasers shooting, destroying everything in sight.


- The Red Dart Fighter is an easily accessible and highly enjoyable game that features warlike aliens and defending human planes fighting the attackers.
- Aliens are trying to destroy human edifices. You have to prevent them from eradicating the human race. Deter all the attacks before they destroy you!
- Use the tilt to control your biplane, trigger the machine gun and don't stop shooting!
- You can also employ such advanced weapons as bombs, missiles, mines and robots.
- And beware of the blinking aliens because crashing into them means you're dead!


- Addictive Game play.

The treacherous enemy is equipped with a multitude of advanced weapons and superior skills.

- Easy to control

The game features the smoothest plane control you´ve ever imagined! But be quick to wipe out the attackers! You'll will have to be precise in navigation to avoid mines and other deadly enemies,

- Weapons, power ups

Unleash mines, robot guns, plasma bombs, bombers, intelligent missiles and other weapons to destroy the enemy attacks.

- Awesome Music:

Aliens hate Bluegrass, so turn up the volume! We have an album full of songs especialy composed for this game that will blow up the alien brains and make you shake your hips!

- Unique art work:

Enjoy our handmade, finely detailed, beautifully crafted cartoon-style graphics and backgrounds.


The game has 2 FREE full featured levels. You can unlock the rest from inside the game.

The app is tested for iPad 2 or later and iPhone 4 or later.

If you find a bug, or have comments and suggestions on how to improve the game, send an email to

Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Sep 20, 2012
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal