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    Aug 21, 2012
    Hey guys -

    Wanted to introduce you to an game I'm working on called Red Bull Mission Control (my studio is developing the game for Red Bull). The goal is to create a real world social game integrating venues (provided via Foursquare's API), iPhone sensors (GPS, cardinal direction, altitude and weather), music playlists and media into a set of challenges (Missions) that can be completed individually or in teams.

    Here are some examples: "Power Hour" is a mission where you must check-in to 3 different bars within one hour (yeah, i know that sucks), "Crack of Dawn" - face east at sunrise and take a picture, "Go-Fight-Checkin" - 10 players must check-in at a stadium at the same time. There are about 200 of these over 10 levels of difficulty.

    It's definitely not your run of the mill zombie bitmen blasterville mashem, but I think it's worth a look for the more adventurous players. Especially, if you use a lot of Foursquare and drink a lot of Red Bull. :)

    As we think about where to go next with this, it will be super helpful to get some unadulterated feedback about what's working and what's not. We're up against a wall to make this thing go, but it's (obviously) hard to get an objective point of view sitting in the developer chair. So I humbly come to you!

    The app is FREE and available in the USA and UK only at the moment. We also have a contest mission running for the best martian landing photo (?!) which could net you a Nike FuelBand.

    The Download (compat with iPhone 3GS+ and iPad2+):


    The Feedback


    We will respond to everything you send. Thanks for giving it a try.

    01_Home screen.PNG 02_Mission Runner Map.PNG 03_Mission detail.png 05a_Mission Runner Image 3 (if room).png 06_Mission Complete.png 07_News Feed.png

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