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    Hello Everyone,

    We just wanted to increase everyone's holiday cheer with this brief announcement.

    Coming soon for iOS is Record of Agarest War Zero. While we are still finalizing everything with the iOS version you can still view a brief introduction to the game (with some game play included) at the following youtube link


    Game will support iOS devices running iOS 5.0 and higher with at least 512 meg ram. Full game description as it will appear on iTunes is below.

    We hope to everyone has a happy and safe holiday. Keep watching our new homepage or our facebook page as well as toucharcade for more announcements about the game.

    game description

    Long before Summerill and the gods of darkness were defeated in Record of Agarest War,
    another battle was fought across generations to save the world from evil.
    Record of Agarest War Zero takes you back to that ancient time.

    The war between the forces of darkness and the forces of light, a conflict already many years old,
    has been fought to a stalemate. In the nation of Kraltarla, the forces of light hold back the evil hordes
    of darkness spilling from Findeste at the Scarred Mountains, but only just. In a desperate attempt to
    gain an advantage that could change the course of the war,
    the generals of the armies of light dispatch their loyal servant Sieghart,
    whom fate has seen fit to grant a strange and awesome power.
    Sieghart’s mission takes him across Kraltarla to gather the components for a magical tool
    that can free the imprisoned blacksmith of the gods, so that he might forge magical artifacts
    of great and terrible power for the forces of light.

    * Over 100 hours of gameplay packed into 1.9 GB of data
    * Full 720p HD graphic assets
    * Fully voice acted in Japanese
    * Position your forces on the battlefield and wait for the right moment to string together massive combo attacks using multiple party members both in melee and at range!
    * Enhanced battle system including combo system, break and overkill
    * Experience "Living Portraits" animated characters breathe, move, and move their lips in sync with the voice acting.
    * Soul-Breeding System - Once again, the choice of bride at the end of the first generation further determines the skill sets and weapon of the offspring.
    * Card Skill System - Customize your main character's weapon choice and skills through this unique character generation system.
    * Feel Link - unlock and change character costumes based on your relationship level with other heroines. Maid, Shinto Priestess, Nurse and School uniform are available depending on each character.
    * Over 500 different Magic spells and Battle skills
    * Over 400 Enemies and Characters
    * Capture monsters to join your army
    * Support for full touch interface
    * Ability to automatically backup your save data to iCloud
    * Support for Leaderboards and Achievements through Game Center
    * Language: English text with Japanese voices.
    * Extra mode, unlock the original Record of Agarest War maps and characters for you to play with.
    * MFi extended controller support.


    - DLC content purchase not required to complete the game.
    - Game contains only Japanese voice acting.
    - About iPod Touch : Require 5th generation iPod Touch or higher
    - About iPad : Require iPad 2 or higher

    ©2014 IDEA FACTORY/COMPILE HEART/RED, developed and published by HYPERDEVBOX JAPAN.

    Hyperdevbox website:
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    Wooooo instabuy
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