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    Jun 4, 2012
    Recommend some wonderful game to you
    I'm a very big fan of the games with physics engine. Recently, I've played many good games about this, so I'd like to share them with you.

    I love this game, the very cute fish and gameplay is different from the traditional physics engine games. You can choose the projectile, so it must be more strategic. Every player will find his own ways to pass the levels. So it is more playable than other games. And I recommend this game because you certainly haven’t played yet. It was just released in Canada and Australia, and will release in the USA soon.

    This is a very interesting game, you should through the grenade to eliminate the terrorists. I like the expression of the enemies when I though the grenade to them. But some levels to me is too difficult to pass, if you're clever enough, please try it!

    Swing Shot
    A very cute game, you can see many kinds of animal here, they were hung on the slender branches. Use all the things to make they drop down. I love the funny facial expression when the animal was hit, and every people shouldn't miss this interesting game.

    Coco Loco
    This game has a wonderful originality! To rescue the cotton candy which was kidnapped, you should wash away the walls or guards by chocolate and milk. You will get new kind of candy when you finish the level, and there are many candies in this game. I like the candy very much, so this game is very suitable for me.

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