Rebel Riders (by King)

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by ste86uk, Jul 5, 2022.

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    Just seen the soft launch of this game announced it’s on soft launch in Canada, Germany, Indonesia and Malaysia although my source for this information said on android only but that is incorrect it’s also on iOS I found out when joining the discord.

    Looks like a kind of Brawl Stars meets Pico Tanks and I expect it will be monetised similarly, at the moment it looks like it has no iap and the dev said on discord the season pass is currently free as they are testing that and diamonds (I’d guess premium currency)

    Edit: Downloading it now on my Canadian account will check it out after work. I was also just informed that game data will be wiped after the playtest.
  2. Rocksaint

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    Nov 29, 2013
    King is owned by Activision Blizzard. So don’t be surprised if the monetisation drastically changes (for the worse) after the worldwide launch.
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    This looks cool. Are the vehicles customizable? Is it like Brawl Stars but with cars? Looks like Twisted Metal kind of?
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    @Wicked8146 I’ve only spent 30 minutes with it so far. So far it looks like there are 8 vehicles (but I think it‘s nowhere near launch yet) each vehicle has different stats/attacks and specials, you can upgrade the vehicles but they just seem like stat boost and there are skins for the vehicles.

    The toys (characters) just seem like an aesthetic choice but you also have to unlock those and there are skins for those also.

    Gameplay wise for 30 minutes I enjoyed it and got mvp every match. I played deathmatches and stash the cash game modes and it was good, so far my main concern is with 8 vehicles and upgrades seeming just to be visual or stat boosts that it may get a bit stale without multiple abilities or ways to create your own play style. But I guess if they keep adding to the vehicle roster that may work since it would increase the variety in each match.
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    Seems fun on first encounter; definitely getting a bit of a Twisted Metal vibe, as noted above.

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